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Successfully Incorporating Scandinavian Décor into Your Interiors

Over the last few years, Scandinavian décor has taken the interiors industry by storm. The distinct aesthetic and fresh approach of Scandinavian décor add a minimalist touch whilst highlighting key features that bring any space to life. Scandinavian décor is elegant, chic and fresh which is perfect for incorporating into your living room, kitchen or bathrooms. Whilst this décor style may seem simple and minimal, there are key features that are required in order to really capture that Scandinavian feel.

Subtle Touches

When it comes to Scandinavian décor, less is always more. You don’t want to crowd your space with fancy detailed items, it’s the simple yet chic pieces that are going to have the biggest impact. Take these stunning toggle switches from Buster + Punch for example. These are ideal for introducing to a Scandinavian style room, due to their chic aesthetic, neat design and effortless switch mechanism. You want to introduce subtle touches that are going to look the part, but not take away from the rest of the décor. Scandinavian style very much revolves around the simple, delicate touches so it’s important to keep things subtle and chic.

Plenty of Light

As mentioned above, Scandinavian décor is always fresh and bright, so you want to allow as much light into the room as possible. Having plenty of lighting within the space will really help to enhance that Scandinavian feel and bring the area to life, whether that’s through stylish lighting fixtures or the natural light filtering through into the room. Lighting is also really useful when it comes to creating a sense of space, and Scandinavian décor is all about areas being open and spacious, therefore this really comes in handy.

A Scandinavian Style Clock

Don’t look past a classic aspect of decorating your home. Adding a scandinavian-style wooden clock to the wall of your living room or bedroom can be a subtle touch of class. If you are faced with a blank or plain wall, a clock can be all you need to incorporate a small focal point, in which can often be all you need in order to make that wall appear decorated with intent. Wooden, metal & minimal styles will work bset in your Scandinavian styled home, so be sure to keep consistency in style, yet a diverse range of tones between your paint choices and your decor.

Neutral Colour Scheme

Lighter colour tones are always associated with Scandinavian décor. With whites, greys and blacks complementing each other so well, you can find these as key colour choices throughout Scandinavian styles. Over the past year, more soft tones have been successfully added into the Scandi mix, including dusky pinks and light greens for added character. The beneficial thing about a neutral colour scheme is the ability to enhance the overall aesthetic with specific additions, to really bring the overall interiors to life. Once you’ve mastered the right balance for your Scandinavian colour scheme, you can start to play around with different colour tones to bring a personal touch to your home.

Soft Comforts

One of the key features within any Scandinavian interiors are soft comforts. From sheep skins to wool throws, the cosier and warmer the decorative accents the better. Not only do features like these bring warmth to the space and create a very comfortable space to relax, but they also add an extra layer to the overall décor and help to complete the look perfectly. Whether you incorporate chunky knit throws or cosy blankets, you can create a really strong Scandinavian feel with these additions.