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Found a Beauty Tip Video Online? Why Not Convert to MP4

Have you ever tried downloading a superb video from your Instagram feed, YouTube or Facebook feed? You surely haven’t tried to convert online videos into MP4 format. This amazing hack is easily searchable, free of cost and super-fast!

Not just Instagram, any other social media site such a Facebook or Twitter, YouTube and even Vimeo will only allow you to share a video with a link to that video. However, what if you want to watch the video offline over and over again? Or, you might feel like sharing it on WhatsApp. Likewise, you might have looked for the option to watch a movie or web series offline. There are thousands of online video tips about beauty and home decor that you may have thought about saving in order to watch later.

Most often watching videos online consumes a lot of data, the hard part is, in most developing countries, internet data is expensive and the telecommunication companies usually charge per data usage. With this in mind, it’s not always fun to go back to an interesting video you found online to watch over the internet again.

Have you tried making YouTube video downloads before? We all do that when we desperately want a movie for free. You might have tried it more for passing your time on a long flight journey.

Well, in this technical era, nothing is impossible. You want to reduce the size of a video file, there are free software tools for that, in some way, there is software that can be used to download YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media videos with for free or paid.

An online video converter like and does the same job but does not need you to install third-party software on your computer in order to download a video to your desktop. Of course, there are in fact hundreds of free online video downloader websites available with a simple Google search. Another advantage of using these kinds of services is that you can use them on your mobile to download videos to your smart devices.

Tip: If you’re only looking to download Twitter videos then check out the Twitter video saver by It was specifically designed to download and save Twitter videos in MP4 format for offline viewing.

Think about it, when you look for the same video on various sites, you either stream it online or download a lower quality for free. From a video converter site, you get the same quality you would stream online, again, without shedding a penny. What you will need is the video link and a visit to any of the websites that provide this service, it is that simple and stress-free. It must be noticed, however, that most of these websites do not support the download of copyrighted materials so always read the terms and conditions before you try to download any video.