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3 Tips For Traveling in Luxury

I used to be a backpacker, but after thirty, I realized I no longer enjoyed it. I didn’t want to travel on the cheapest flights, stay in hostels, or eat street food that had a one in five chance of making me ill. So I started spending more on my vacations, and as I advanced in my career, my trips got more and more lavish. Now I’m at a point where I hate the thought of traveling without a level of luxury.

The problem is that, unless you’re incredibly rich, you’re going to need to make some sort of budget. The uber rich don’t have to look at prices, but most of us aren’t there yet, even if we are living it up.

Here’s what I’ve learned about traveling in luxury. Follow these 3 tips and you’ll enjoy your vacation that much more.

Book a Villa

When I went to Saint Martin recently, I stayed in a villa I found on Luxury Retreats who offer, along with the convenience and peace of mind of any halfway decent hotel, twenty-four-hour food services and even a private chef, should visitors be so inclined. For not very much money, you can enjoy the life of the incredibly rich as you are waited on hand and foot.

But you end up staying in a tiny room or set of rooms for an exorbitant price. If you stay in a villa, on the other hand, you’ll have more space, more privacy, and more luxury. Furthermore, you’ll be able to spend money on stocking the place up with your own delicious food. Alternatively, you can order takeout or go out for meals.

The trade-off is well worth it. Book a villa and you’ll live it up, even if there’s not someone constantly taking care of your needs.

Fly Premium Economy

Unless you’re very wealthy or flying for business, you shouldn’t be flying business class. Business class is so absurdly expensive because businesses can afford to pay on that scale. But if you have to think about whether or not you can afford it, the answer is that you cannot. It will cost more than the rest of your vacation.

That doesn’t mean you have to slum it in coach, though. Most international airlines have premium economy class. It is more expensive than economy, but not so much that it will destroy your budget. It is a lot more comfortable though. You get better service from the flight attendants, significantly more legroom, better menu options, and better screens and headsets.

Hire a Driver

One of the frustrating aspects of travel is that to get around the area, you need to constantly wait on taxis, trains, or buses. Alternatively, you have to stress about driving in a place you’re not familiar with, possibly on the “wrong” side of the read.

But in many places, you’ll be able to afford to hire a driver without it taking too much of a toll on your budget. This is especially true in many Southeast Asian countries, African countries, and parts of the Caribbean.

At the very least, do some research to find out how much it would cost you. You may well be pleasantly surprised.