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Phuket, One of Southeast Asia’s Best Place for Tourists

If you are thinking of traveling to Thailand, then Phuket is a place where you should go. It has a fascinating island and the most significant island in Thailand. Thai and Chinese people say that Phuket is our home, and they want to spend their whole life there because of nature and natural feel. The temperature at Phuket varies according to the sea temperature, which is usually between 21 degrees to 34-degree centigrade.

If you want to go on rainy days, then you should go from May to October. Otherwise, from November to April, there is a summer season.
Thirty-five thousand visitors visit each day, and here are the few things to do in Phuket.

1: Trip to Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi beach is a small beach but worth seeing the beach in Phuket and a very short distance from the kata beach. You can walk on the sand and stay there and enjoy the true colors of nature. The enjoyable thing here is swimming so you should go here between November and April. In this way, you can enjoy swimming. Although, if you are looking for Phuket hotels, then this is the place where you can stay and enjoy different foods from near restaurants.

2: See The Phuket Big Buddha

If you came to Phuket and you did not see the big Buddha, then you didn’t do anything. The Buddha is in a sitting position and 45 meters tall and 25 meters wide. The Buddha Statue is made with concrete and white marble. Somdet Phra in 2008 said that this Buddha would be known as “Buddhist Treasure of Phuket.”

3: Nai Harn Beach

The beach is located at the south of this island. Beach beauty is still the same as you can see in the old days. Every year thousands of people come to this beach and enjoy the soft sand. The beach has not lost its originality. Under the shades, there are many food stalls for visitors. Popular Thai Cuisine is famous there, and beachwear is also available.

4: Trip to Wat Chalong

For many years Wat Chalong was opened for the public, but later on, it is closed, but still, visitors go there to see the beauty of these houses. There are two statues of older men. One is Ta Khee-Lek, and another man is Nonsi. You will also see the pagoda, which is beautifully colored with Buddha Images.

5: Shopping at Phuket Town

Usually, on a weekend night, hundreds of visitors from different areas come here for shopping and get the cultural material. You can buy different types of curiosities, fruits, jewelry, clothes, and even animals. All the locals and tourists usually arrive here at midnight with excellent costumes. People coming from Singapore to Phuket flights are recommended to visit the Phuket town market at midnight.

6: Bangla Road

In the evening, Bangla road crowded with the people. All the streets are full of bars, and you can move from one bar to another. The fun never ended here, and even restaurant owners try their best to provide food at low prices.