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5 Things to Take Care of Before Studying in Australia

Australian universities are definitely something this country can boast, but there are many more benefits of moving there to study. When you combine its stunning landscapes, wonderful weather and breathtaking beaches with all sorts of social events and great international food, you’ll realize there’s actually nothing not to like about Australia. Plus, it’s a melting pot of different cultures and nationalities, which can open your horizons and give you the opportunity to meet some very interesting people. However, merely deciding to study there won’t cut it. You have to prepare for it, and here’s how.

Check out the requirements

After deciding exactly where and what you’d like to study, you should apply to the institution at least three months before actually moving to Australia. This gives you enough time to make all the necessary arrangements and meet all the requirements of the university in question. They’ll probably want to see proof of your qualifications, which have to meet your course requirements. Similarly, you might have to take a test, such as the PTE Academic to prove your English is good enough to get a student visa. To prepare for this test, it’s best you take some well-organized PTE classes from a reliable coaching institute, which can improve your chances and help you with your overall knowledge of the English language.

Apply for visa

Before you can board the plane, you have to have a student visa approved. This process can last up to three months, so make sure you apply for your visa as soon as your university of choice contacts you with their offer. Depending on which country you’re from and your level of education, you’ll fall under one of the four ‘Assessment Levels’, which will determine what procedure you have to go through to get your visa. For more information on the type of visa you might need and how to get it click here or here.

Book the flight

Once you get accepted and once you’ve set the date on moving to Australia, you should book the flight to the airport closest to your university. When you know the arrival date, you can check if your university offers free airport pick-up for new students, so that you don’t have to pay for a taxi or the bus. Bear in mind that you’ll need some time to get acquainted with your new surroundings, meaning that you shouldn’t wait till the last possible moment to arrive. After all, you don’t want to miss the orientation for international students. Who knows, maybe your new best friends are waiting for you there.

Find accommodation

Finding a student-friendly place to stay in Australia is very easy. Where you’ll live is actually up to you and your preferences. You can easily rent an apartment or a room off campus, and even find a roommate. This way you can cut your costs and make the adjustment period easier on yourself by sharing your experiences with somebody in a similar situation. However, most international students decide to live on campus, or as close to it as possible. This allows you easier access to a whole range of academic resources, but also student clubs. Plus, it makes it easier to get to classes on time. If on-campus accommodation is what you want, apply for it as early as you can, since there could be a waiting list.

Be prepared for everything

Having a back-up plan is a good idea in any situation, especially when moving to a new country. For instance, set up an account which makes it possible for your parents to send you money in case of any sort of an emergency. Also, get your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). Not only will this be necessary in order to get your visa, but it can mean the world if you get ill. Finally, do some online research to find out all you need about the city you’re moving to. Knowing in advance where your bus stop is, or where the nearest pharmacy, hospital and coffee shop are can make things much easier once you start settling in.

Australia is a great place to study and live, so enjoy your student experience in this amazing country, but don’t skip any of the steps you have to take before moving there. Therefore, you should do your homework and avoid any stressful situations being unprepared can cause.