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The 2019 Travel Hot Spots

The fascinating thing about the world we live in is that there is somewhere or the other just waiting to be discovered at all times. From hidden islands to deserted cities, travel experiences are getting more elaborate and filled with adventure never seen before. Be it relaxing out in the sun or taking a dog sledge near the Arctic Circle; there is pure beauty for us to admire in every direction we turn.

A tremendous rise in travel for business and leisure has taken place over the past few years. The Millennial generation has given “offbeat” travel a whole new meaning. The work culture has developed as a result, and many freelancers now earn a living while always on the move. This has led to discovering places that were once unknown or underdeveloped. They have become hot spots for adventure tourists, in search of the unknown. So, if you want something unique, and want to sightsee places that are still under the radar of most travellers, check out the following locations that guarantee an abundance of amazing memories.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The rise of Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Bay of Bengal, next to India, has been primarily due to the local tourists. Indians have realised that they no longer need to fly all the way to the Mediterranean to enjoy some of the best beaches in the world. Although most of the 300 plus islands remain uninhabited or off limits to protect the indigenous tribes, the few that are open, such as Havelock, are ideal for a break, away from everyday life, in a quiet and beautiful part of the world.


For the longest of time, most tourists focused on the Gold Coast, Sydney, and Melbourne when visiting Australia. But there is a lot more to the country and its cities. Brisbane has lately come up as the desired destination with new luxury hotels opening up as well as the advantage of multiple entertainment activities around the famous Brisbane River. From museums to some of the best restaurants in the country, there is something for everyone in Brisbane to enjoy.


There is a rustic beauty to Madagascar that is unimaginable. The island on the side of mainland Africa is still underdeveloped but has enough high-end properties to welcome guests of all budgets. If you enjoy the heat and love the experience of being in the hottest parts of the world, then the regions surrounding Madagascar are ideal for a vacation. As the fourth largest island, Madagascar is famous for its lemurs, an animal only found in this area. From having quite a few World Heritage Sites to smoking weed being a norm here, there are a lot of fascinating aspects to Madagascar, revealed to the avid and curious traveller.


When it comes to Central and South America, travellers focused on Colombia over the last few years. As ties with Cuba got better a couple of years back, almost everyone headed in that direction for a vacation. But it is in Guatemala where you are will find the perfect amalgamation of culture and nature. There are mountainous regions as well as jungles here with quaint cobbled streets to Mayan ruins that dot the land. Guatemala is bubbling with activity, very much like its Fuego volcano, and any enthusiastic traveller would want to see and experience its charm before everyone else does.