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How You Can Stay Healthy Despite Working a Sedentary Job

According to research, over 80% of American jobs are sedentary. This statistic does not bode well since this increases the chances of mortality similar to the way that obesity does.

If you fall in with the majority of Americans, working a sedentary job, take this as motivation to move rather than a death sentence. Even in your line of work, you can take measures to keep yourself healthy.

Moving around keeps circulation flowing from the tootsies to the brain. It prevents muscle injuries, boosts memory, and keeps you strong.

Keep reading to learn how you can reap these health benefits while working a desk job!

Ergonomic Equipment

Ergonomic equipment encourages motion, increases the ease of use, and reduces workspace injuries.

For instance, working at a desk all day leads to atrophy, poor posture, and injuries. But, choosing from the ergonomic standing desk options eliminates these risks and promotes a more active and productive day at work!

Standing all day may seem painful for your feet. Antifatigue mats can make this more comfortable by cushioning your feet. If boredom easily plagues you while standing, keep a balance board under the desk to occupy you while you type away at your standing desk!

You may want to switch between standing and sitting for a long workday, active sitting chairs take the strain off of the hips and lower back. They also allow movement that keeps the circulation pumping.

Stretch Often

Even with an active desk, try to take 5-minute stretch breaks every half hour or so at work. When you feel your focus slipping, rather than sitting and staring into space, stand to stretch.

For a simple workplace stretch, stand and push your body weight to your toes. As you do this, reach your neck high and bring your arms up and out as far as you can reach, expanding your hands through the fingertips.

Take the Stairs

If you want to know how to lose weight with a desk job, look to the stairwell. Pretend like your office building does not contain an elevator and always take the stairs, whether arriving, leaving, or heading to the restroom.

Sometimes you might feel antisocial if you run into a coworker and head to the stairs as they catch a lift. Simply tell them that you want some movement before starting the long day and they might join you!

Use Phone Calls for Pacing

When you need to make a call, use it as an opportunity to get up and pace. Take longer calls outdoors and use it as an opportunity to take a proper walk in the sunshine. This will keep you physically active while breaking up the monotony of the day to give your productivity a

Start a Health Movement at Your Sedentary Job

Talk to your coworkers and management about your concerns for staying healthy while working a sedentary job. Start a “movement-movement” in your office!

Stay up to date with wellness trends so you can stay in optimal health at work and during everyday life. Read more tips on our website!

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