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10 of the Best Retail Lighting Tips for the Best Results

With over 1 million retail stores in the U.S., you need to do your best to stand out and get people to buy.

One of the tools you have in your arsenal is retail lighting. Retail lighting can make the difference between people taking a look at your products and passing by. Learning the best lighting tips will help you set yourself apart from the dimly lit retail stores.

Continue reading this article to learn how to light your retail space to grab attention and drive sales.

1. Light Layering

When you’re setting up LED lighting for your retail business space, you shouldn’t have one layer of light. Having one layer of light may allow people to see, but it isn’t going to bring people’s attention to anything in particular.

Layering light allows you to get people’s attention and showcase the things you want people to focus on.

When you are setting up your lighting, first you want to put your accent lighting in place. Focus lights on the things you want people to see and then you can go to the ambient or general lighting.

2. Know Your Brand

There is no one size fits all for brands and lighting. You need to know your brand, who your target audience is and what they want to see.

When you know who you are lighting for, that makes your job much easier. Choosing the wrong lighting for your brand can repel the people you want to attract, so spend some time on this and look at other brands that are similar to yours for inspiration.

3. Keep Color Temperature in Mind

Choosing the right color temperature will allow you to choose how blue or yellow you want the light to show up.

If you go for the yellow lighting, you’re putting off a cozy vibe and it is inviting people to take their time and relax. Lighting on the bluer side of things is used to convey high energy and alertness.

4. Choose the Right Color Rendering

Color rendering needs to be considered when you’re working with color temperature.
The better the color rendering (CRI), the better the colors are going to show up.

While it doesn’t always work out that way, if you shoot for a high CRI, the lighting is going to do its best to show off your products.

5. Shine Light on Things You Want Seen

You might be thinking that you want everything to be seen. While you do need to light the whole store, you need to decide what you want people to see the most.

If there is a sale item that you’re trying to get out of the store, you might showcase it with light. If there is an expensive item that you want people to understand is special, you might shine a light on it.

Knowing what you want to move and shining light on those products is a great path to sales success.

Remember you need the right kind of lighting for the message you’re trying to send. Lights like ShineLong are great for displays because of their durability and functionality.

6. Light Up Your Display Window

Simply having things in your display window isn’t going to get the attention you want. If you have all of your lighting in the store where only people that enter can see it, you’re doing your store a disservice.

Make some effort with your display window and really wow passersby with a light show that will get their attention.

7. Invest in Changing Room Light

You see this beautiful outfit, take it out of the display case and into the changing room. It’s going to be perfect!

After you put it on, you look up and to your dismay, it didn’t look as good as you’d like.

The reason you didn’t like how it looked could have been because of the lights in the changing room. If you don’t invest in good lighting in the changing room, you could lose sales because the clothes don’t look as great as they could.

8. Read the Lighting Warranty

Before you start lighting your store, make sure to read the lighting warranty. The warranty is on the lights to protect the lighting company and to protect you.

Reading the warranty label will allow you to figure out what you’re working with and what you’ll be able to do with your new lights.

9. Integrate Lighting

It’s easier than ever to set up integrated lighting. Grab your favorite light strip and light away.

Showcasing your products with integrated lighting gets attention and shows off the details of the products. Even though it can take some time to set up, it will be worth it once the project is complete.

10. Consider Bringing in a Professional

If your mind is on overload, that’s understandable. You have a retail establishment to run and the last thing you want to be thinking about is figuring out lighting.
Bringing in a professional can be a helpful way to take some of the stress off and make sure your store gets the lighting makeover it needs.

You’re a Retail Lighting Pro

Now that you know more about how to set up your retail lighting, you’ll be able to make your shop pop and see more people coming in to buy before you know it.

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