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Your Complete Guide For Buying Modern & Contemporary Sofas

Buying a sofa is one of the biggest and most critical furniture investments you’ll make. After all, it is going to be used by a host of different people — family members, friends, colleagues, guests, and most importantly, you. It is an integral part of modern-day living. 

However, going out shopping for a modern sofa can seem like a challenge to those new to the furniture market. This article will discuss all the key things you need to keep in mind when looking for the perfect sofa. 

Pay attention to the details

As they say, “the devil is in the details,” it is critical that you go all out while researching and reviewing contemporary sofas. Ensure that you have all the specifications down to the T as even the most trivial of errors and miscalculations can cause distress later. 

If you can afford it, invest in a quality frame for the sofa. Having a hardwood body is often recommended by furniture experts and enthusiasts. Besides that, make sure to routinely change the cushion fillings as they may flatten and lose shape after a while.

Measurements are essential

For starters, the sofa needs to fit in the house. Many amateur furniture buyers get sofas that are disproportionate. Thus, you must compare the couch’s dimensions with that of the space in your living room where you plan on keeping it.

Industry professionals suggest a few pro-tips: 

  • Note down the width (the dimensions across the sofa’s backside) and the depth (the dimensions from the rear to the front). 
  • Cut out your sofa’s shape from a newspaper and place it on the floor in the room. This will give you an idea about the space you’ll have left once your sofa is in place.  
  • Keep a measurement tape handy at all times when buying furniture. 

Check the Material

The quality of the material used to make the sofa is integral to the overall experience. They usually make modern sofas from a certain kind of fabric. There are various varieties of fabrics available in the market, and you need to choose wisely. They come in different colors, styles, and price ranges. The features are clearly quite diverse. 

However, first and foremost — you need to ensure that the fabric is comfortable, durable, and suits your needs. The upholstery done on the sofa should be of high-quality as well.   A suitable natural option would be leather, which is lasting, inexpensive, and low maintenance.

Compatible aesthetics

It is of paramount importance that your sofa compliments your house decor. Its design should not only fit the interior in size but should also match the look and feel. You can take the help of color palette guides that are available online. There are even ready-made furniture-arrangement templates that you can refer to for boosting your sofa game.

Make sure, though, that the color and texture of the sofa doesn’t underscore the walls and other furnishings. It shouldn’t pop out, but it shouldn’t look dull either. Maintain a balance. 

The source matters

Where you purchase the sofa from is also quite important.  Whether it is an e-commerce outlet or a physical showroom, the quality can vary drastically.  You must choose between the two pragmatically — or you can use elements of both. Research online, go to the actual shop, compare prices on the internet, and then make a final judgment based on that.

You must take full advantage of sales, price-drops, and all other offers since furniture-shopping can otherwise burn a giant hole in your pocket. Also, ensure that the retail outlet provides you warranty and proper credentials for your purchase.