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Exotic Destinations for Cruising on Asia

Vacation is the time for having fun after facing the daily routines that make us tired and stressfull. Here, we are going to discuss about cruises in Asia and the destination for having great vacations in Asia. Asia itself, is a continent that consisted with many destinations for trips and vacatioins. There are many countries that covered in Asia that have different culture and exotic places that are very good for tourists to have their cruising trips. More, speaking of having a cruise in Asia, we are also available for enjoying the sea of Asia. There will be a beautiful ocean and the views that can make us feel like in a paradise. Here, there are some countries which have the interesting culture and places to be visited while cruising in Asia. Let’s check some countries to be the destination below.

China – China is the country with the biggest population in this world. However, this country is also provided many lands and water to be the place for the population. This is the nation that has big regions and this has many cultures that can be learned for the tourist. Not only that, tourist attractions in China are now widely glimpsed by many domestic and foreign tourists to spend holidays, especially with family. How come? China is famous for its unique culture, as well as its tradition which is maintained and still thick to be able to attract the interest of the world community. The tourist destinations are no less interesting. Many tourist attractions offer the beauty and elegance of China’s sights spread over several major cities, such as Beijing, China and Shanghai.

In China there is the most beautiful place in the first China to visit is the Wuyi mountains. The Wuyi Mountains, located in the Chinese region, offer stunning natural scenery like a painting. The Wuyi Mountains are surrounded by winding rivers. On the banks of the river there are hills with steep cliffs. This combination of rivers, mountains and hills creates harmony that makes everyone’s amazement beat.

More, the yellow mountains are located not far from the city of Shanghai which is around 500 km southwest. Also known as the Hwang Shan mountain. This mountain range offers amazing panoramas like being in the clouds. At the top of the mountain, visitors can see rows of green mountains covered in fog. Some of the peaks also offer beautiful spots to capture your beautiful moments. Among them are brigt summit peak, celestial peak, and lotus peak. There are many places that can be visited in China but let’s go to another nation to visit.

Thailand – this is the nation with its cultures that is so beautiful and this has many kinds of temples to be visited. More, this nation has its food and beverages that are different from the other nations.

In recent years, Thailand has become the target of many tourists to travel. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is one of the cities that is busy with its trading activities. Therefore, Bangkok is the city’s main destination for travelers. Besides Bangkok, there are still many beautiful places in Thailand that you can visit. You can feel comfortable traveling culture, history, to explore exotic beaches there.

The Grand Place – This place is one of the historical and cultural relics located in Bangkok. The Grand Palace building has a basement in the form of a maze of royal halls, temples, and ancient relics. If you come here, you will see how beautiful the architecture of this building is.

Wat Arun – This one tourist destination is very popular in Thailand. Wat Arun is one of the oldest temples there. At night, the scenery of Wat Arun looks amazing with the light around the Tower. Surely adding to the exoticness of this old building. If you are from The Grand Palace, you only need to walk to Wat Arun.There are still many places to be explained but we need to discuss the other places in Asia and there will be Indonesia.

Indonesia – The nation with the biggest area consisted of water that wider than the land offered many places to be visited and cultures to be learned. The first is Bali. This is the area of Indonesia that have its reputation than Indonesia itself. Bali is the “God’s Island” and this has beautiful beaches and villages. Many tourists from domestic and international are coming to this place while in high season or low season. Cruising will be great if we know what that interested on the destination.