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9 Reasons Why Granite is Suitable for Paving

For years granite has been a preferred choice for paving walkways, driveways and gardens. From ancient landmarks to outdoor cafes, you can see granite paving everywhere.
So why is granite so popular? Let’s take a look at it’s list of advantages.

1. Appearance

Granite paving has an aesthetic appeal second to none. Its natural beauty will enhance the appearance of your property by adding a rustic touch. Whether you have a mid-century modern house or a contemporary villa, granite paving compliments all kinds of architectural styles. Its timeless elegance makes it suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

2. Durability

Granite is one of the most durable and hardest materials out of all the natural stones. Therefore, granite pavers can perform well under heavy traffic and won’t scratch, crack or chip.
Even under harsh weather conditions it will retain its color. Unlike concrete, granite is stain resistant. Granite pavers will last for generations.

3. Easy Maintenance and Repair

Little or no maintenance is required for granite pavers. Periodic rinsing or pressure washing is enough to clean it. You can even rely on rain water to clean-off dust and dirt from granite paving.
Since granite doesn’t chip easily, this keeps the repair requirements to a minimum. Even if a paver cracks, it is very easy to repair or replace it.
Also, as a precautionary step sealing granite paving is good idea. This will prevent any permanent staining.

4. Slip-Resistant

Granite has a hard and rough surface. This makes it a perfect paving material for poolsides. Even with splashed water, it remains slip and skid resistant. The safety offered by granite is the reason for its popularity in wet, cold and humid areas.

5. Designs And Colours

Whether you want irregular pavers or dimensioned symmetrical pieces, granite offers both and more. A reputed paving contractor in Dublin will offer granite paving in a variety of designs and arrangements.

Also, you might not know but granite isn’t just available in grey shades. It comes in shades of pink, tan, white, charcoal and black. These unique colour will make your paving stand out.

6. Sustainability

Since granite is a product of nature, it is environmentally-friendly. To further promote sustainability, permeable granite paving allows water to pass through the gaps and into the ground below. This replenishes the ground water levels.

Moreover, granite lasts for several years and can even be recycled and reused as reclaimed paving.

7. Versatility

One of the biggest advantages of granite paving is its versatility. It is versatile enough for pedestrian walkways, garden paving and heavy-load driveway paving. Whether you want split-faced options for outdoor applications or polished finish for a fountain wall, granite is perfect for both.

Other than this, granite paving is ideal for all types of weather conditions.

8. Heat-Resistant

Granite is non-combustible and heat-resistant. Since it is fireproof, it’s completely safe for barbecue and fireplace paving. Granite is also a suitable paving alternative for areas with hot weather. It doesn’t heat up and is comfortable to walk on.

9. Property Value

Apart from adding to the aesthetic appeal, granite paving will enhance your property’s value. Even though it is one of the pricer materials and requires professional installation, the durability and boosted property value justifies it all.

If you are not impressed with visually boring concrete or high-maintenance asphalt, then granite paving is a solid solution for you. Granite is a material that can completely transform your house. You can use it for your patio, fireplace or even for bathrooms. It’s a durable option that will serve you well for many years.

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