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Discover The Most Effective Methods Of Keeping Flies Away

Flies are a nuisance as they have a habit of zooming around your head and being irritating. In many cases, they are simply flying by and getting the lay of the land. But, they will land wherever they feel there is food. 

Flies automatically test the ground under them, if they perceive it is food they spit acid onto it to dissolve it and then suck it up. The sucking process is what you would feel like a bite. 

Unfortunately, the varied things they land on means that most flies carry diseases. 

In short, you want to keep them away for your own health. The good news is there are several things you can do to keep flies away. But, if there seems to be a lot of flies in the area it is worth getting professional help as there may be an underlying issue. You can check them out here.


Flies can’t get past netting and you can purchase special nets that fit to your windows and doors. This allows the air to move through, helping to keep your house cool. At the same time, it keeps flies and mosquitoes outside your home, where they can’t annoy you. 

Of course, this doesn’t work if you go outside!

Bug Zappers

You’ll find a selection of UV bug zappers available in pest control stores and supermarkets across the country. The UV light attracts the flies and the two metal grids give them an electric current, which kills them.  This is an effective way of targeting flies and many other insects. However, it isn’t effective against mosquitoes. 


Citronella is generally associated with mosquitoes as it repels these pests. However, it also does the same for flies. Light a citronella candle to keep the flies away or you can use essential oils. As a bonus, most people find the smell pleasant.

Bags of Water

It may sound strange but hanging bags of water near any entry point will keep the flies away. This works because flies have compound eyes and the multiple reflections they see thanks to the water will confuse them.

However, you may not favor this approach as it can look particularly funny.

Fly Traps

There are various fly traps on the market and they all use a sugary compound that attracts flies. It’s, not actually repelling them! Instead, they arrive and get stuck inside the trap, preventing them from harassing you. 


However, the most effective way to keep flies away is simply to remove the things that attract them. That means clearing any food waste and animal feces from your garden as quickly as possible.  You should bag all waste from your house, seal the bag, and place it in a sealed outside bin that you keep clean. 

In addition, clean the counters and floors in your home regularly, preferably with a disinfectant spray. This will prevent there from being any food to attract the flies. Do this regularly and you’ll rarely be bothered by flies.