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Homeowner Fencing Tips: How To Cover Your Whole Lot While On A Budget

Fences aim to deter human and animal intruders in your property, so it’s recommended to cover your entire lot for privacy and safety. There are many fence types you can choose from depending on the material and installation method used. However, fencing solutions can be expensive, most especially if you need to cover a big lot.

So how can you choose and install the best fence that will suit your budget? Check out the best fencing tips to help you cover your whole lot without breaking the bank.

Install A Treated Pine Fence

One of the most affordable fencing materials is treated pine at USD$12 to USD$19 per linear foot. A pressure-treated pine fence tends to last up to 15 years, half the lifespan of cedar fences. With the right and regular maintenance, you can extend a pressure-treated pine’s lifespan beyond 15 years.

Here are some tips when planning to install a pine fence in your whole property:

  • Choose Pine Panels Wisely: Choose pine fence panels that are not damp or green. These signs indicate the wood will likely easily move out of place once installed on the ground.
  • Water Sealing: Three months after installing a pine fence, water sealing and staining are highly recommended. It will keep the lumber from absorbing moisture. Also, it will help prevent warping and shrinking.
  • Consult A Fence Expert: Hiring a fence company Albuquerque can help you check your other budget-friendly fencing options.

Consider A Chain Link Fence

High-quality chain link fences are extremely durable, strong, and resilient. Rain, snow, high winds, nor UV rays will keep your chain link fence from performing its duty. Chain link fences still stand strong amidst all destructive forces, unlike the highly vulnerable cedar fencing.

Here’s why a chain-link fence is suitable to cover a whole lot perimeter:

  • Chain link fencing works well for dividing small yards.
  • A chain link’s open mesh won’t block sunlight from your garden and other areas that get sunshine.
  • It doesn’t require finishing, so it’s lower in cost.
  • Chain link fences are cheaper compared to wood privacy fencing. Consider asking a chain link fence Albuquerque company for the best chain link installation technique and fencing services.

Restrain Predators By Installing Barbed Wire

Wire fences, like barbed wire, are a lot cheaper than other fencing alternatives. Also, barbed wire fences are easy to install and are low maintenance.

Barbed wire fencing helps keep predators out of your property. In fact, barbed wire is considered the first wire technology ever used in restraining cattle.

Here are the other advantages of barbed wire fencing:

  • Provides Impenetrable Protection: A barbed-wire fence is durable, and because of its height, wildlife and intruders make it impossible to enter your property.
  • Versatile: This fencing solution can be used in residential, agriculture, industrial, and commercial establishments. It is used to minimize the risk of robbery and unauthorized entry during late hours.
  • Customizable: Barbed wire fence is highly customizable according to your requirements. The customized specifications include wire diameter, length of the edges, height, and size of the edges.

Consider Installing A Combination Of Concrete And Wire

While you want a concrete fence, covering an entire lot can be expensive. You can combine concrete with wire to create an extremely durable and budget-friendly fencing solution. The resulting fence will provide more stability for the foundation of the fence, reducing the need for early fence repair.

Try A Free Pallet Fencing Solution

If you want a wood fence at a very cheap price or even for free, try a pallet fence to cover your whole property’s perimeter. Pallets are available everywhere, such as construction sites, nurseries, food chains or restaurants, and other venues.

Check out the following pallet fencing tips:

  • Install pallets either horizontally or vertically between vertical pallet posts, with or without in-between spaces.
  • Choose pallets with the International Plant Protection Convention or IPPC logo. This logo certifies that the pallets were fumigated or heat-treated to prevent plant diseases or insects.
  • Handle pallets with care because they can contain nails and splinters.


You’ve learned the different tips when installing a fence to cover the entire parameter of your property. There are many fencing materials and techniques you can choose from depending on your budget and specific requirements.

While you’re on a tight budget, you might want to consider investing in a durable and versatile fencing solution to avoid repairs or replacements sooner than expected. Talk to a fencing professional if you have concerns and questions, and seek their services for excellent and prompt fencing installation.