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3 Meal Recipes Everyone on the Keto Diet Needs to Know

If you pay attention to food culture in North America, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about the keto diet. Going keto (short for ketogenic) means shifting to a high fat, low carb diet, one that encourages your body to move from mostly relying on sugars for energy, to relying on fat.

Fans of the keto diet swear by it as an ideal way to lose weight and improve health overall. The science does seem to support many of the claims that keto fans make, and for many people disillusioned with low carb, low fat diets that hinge on calorie counting, the keto diet has offered a way of approaching healthy eating that isn’t predicated on self-denial.

But the keto diet does require a major shift in approach to eating, and one of the biggest challenges new adopters face is simply figuring out how to cook meals for themselves all over again.

Most world cuisines incorporate carbs as a staple, and going keto means figuring out how to replace carbs and increase fat intake — which in turn means creating a whole new menu of dishes for yourself.

Fortunately, there are plenty of mouth-watering, keto-friendly meals you can make in your own home, and you may even find that you prefer them to the same old meat, potatoes, and pasta options. And with so many meat delivery options now available, sourcing these meals is easier than it’s ever been.

If you think going keto might be right for you, here are three easy dishes to get you started:

Creamed Cabbage

In many side dishes in European cuisine, potatoes are the standard starch. Whether you’re cooking steak frites or bangers and mash, the main dish is perfectly acceptable to a keto eater — it’s the side that you need to worry about. In these situations, creamed cabbage is an ideal alternative to mashed potatoes (or any other potatoes, for that matter).

Shred the cabbage using a food processor or knife, then cook with butter in a cast iron skillet. Once the cabbage has gotten soft and golden brown in colour, add heavy whipping cream, bring it to a boil, and simmer until the cream is reduced. Season with salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lime juice.

Cauliflower Rice

Plenty of dishes in Mexican, Indian, and Chinese cuisine are already keto, or can be made keto with a few simple changes. The only question is, how do you serve them without rice?

Cauliflower rice provides a perfect solution. Simply use a grater to shred a head of cauliflower, then sauté the cauliflower in coconut oil or butter on the stovetop for about ten minutes.

Bacon and Eggs

One of the biggest surprises about going keto is realizing that some of your favourite meals might already be keto — but where you might have thought of them as being unhealthy when you were still on a carb-heavy diet, once your body has adjusted, they are actually good for you.

Naturally, keto bacon and eggs is going to be different from the traditional fry-up you might get at a diner (you’ll need to cut out the toast and the hash browns, for one). But if you add fried tomato, avocado, a wedge of cheese and some fresh greens, your plate will be the envy of your household.

For those who don’t generally eat a lot of meat, finding different and new flavoring options can be tricky. It’s highly recommended to find some sauces that you like, or better yet, find some fantastic sauce recipes for grilling and you can do meal prep for the whole week!

One of the things that makes the keto diet different from all the diet fads that have come and gone is the fact that it is built to be a sustainable way of eating. The keto diet doesn’t mean giving up on flavour or enjoyment in your food. Once you’ve tried these delicious meals, we’re sure you will agree.