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Is Distance Learning Beneficial for Students?

Everything goes digital in today’s world! It is changing, and we need to keep up with the latest trends. How about pursuing your degree through distance learning? We bet that each student considers this format as an option. Today, colleges and universities offer online programs, courses, and open digital libraries, which is especially great for learners who cannot attend full-time classes.

Students might be hesitating about this learning model since they are not always aware of the disadvantages and advantages of distance education. Is this option for you? What are the strong sides and drawbacks? Let’s discuss the idea of online learning to help you decide if this is something you should go for.

Pros of distance learning

  • An economically viable option

Distance learning is cheaper than most on-campus programs, so if you are looking for an affordable option, you should think about that.

Opting for distance learning, you can choose an elite college and pay as much as you would for education in an average one. Only online.

  • First steps in your career made earlier

You can start or continue working along with studies. Distance learning doesn’t force you to study during a particular time of the day, so you can adjust your schedule and balance everything to your convenience. Starting your career at a young age is a real blessing for some professions, especially in competitive fields like IT. By the way, one of the benefits of distance learning is that most modern programs are accredited, and employers accept graduates with such a degree eagerly.

  • Choose a comfortable pace

Students are unique when it comes to learning pace, but full-time education ignores that fact. Those who find it difficult to catch up with the program mostly end up saying: “I need to pay someone to do my assignment in Australia,” and this is quite natural – a classroom is not a place for a personalized approach to each learner. However, you can develop one for yourself if you choose distance learning.

When you receive the entire program at once, you are free to divide it into the chunks that are easy to deal with. Being self-disciplined, you will build your own schedule and decide how much time you may need for every assignment.

Cons of distance learning

  • Distraction

Unfortunately, some advantages of e-learning can turn into disadvantages too easily. For instance, when following your own pace and schedule, you risk losing track of deadlines and getting distracted too much. Not every student has a separate and quiet place for studying! And, of course, there is always room for procrastination.

  • Troubles with qualified faculty members

Not all universities and colleges can afford their best faculty members to work online with students. Even if they do have great professors, not all of them are comfortable with teaching via Skype. This model requires a special approach and experience, as well as perfect tech-savviness.

  • Equipment

Distance learning is cheaper than a full-time one, but there are still some additional costs involved. For an online course, you will need a fast Internet connection, laptop, web camera, printer, etc. Also, don’t forget about electricity costs!

  • Lost access to the network

Education is not about reading and writing only. It is also about interaction with professors, industry heads, and other students. Networking is extremely important to help you develop communicational skills and even head to a beneficial career path. Distance learning cannot provide you with such opportunities.


Besides some drawbacks, there are still numerous benefits of online classes that gain popularity among students of all grades. Technology will grow and develop, while students and teachers will get used to the new model of learning. This way, most of the current disadvantages will gradually disappear. One of the main advantages of this model is that e-learning provides access to numerous educational tools and choices for minimal costs. Students can choose a comfortable schedule and enjoy learning in a safe environment. What is more, working learners will surely find this option extremely beneficial.

You should remember that not all students can pursue a degree online, but if you are motivated and self-disciplined, you might give it a try! All in all, you can always switch back to full-time learning if something goes wrong.

Author’s Bio:

Jeff Blaylock is an author of numerous informational, academic, and entertaining articles located in his personal blog and credible online platforms. Jeff believes that modern technologies can make education better when used smartly. Currently, he is working on his educational resource, where online consultations and video lessons for learners of all degrees will be provided.