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Why a Wet-Dry Vacuum is Right For Everyone

Very few things in life are truly one size fits all. Each of us has individual needs – health, emotional, financial and otherwise – along with unique personal preferences. As well our responsibilities and priorities shift over time. The needs and lifestyle of our 20’s will be different from that of our 30’s, 40’s and beyond. But if there’s one thing that everyone, regardless of age or lifestyle can use in their home, it’s a wet-dry vacuum. Yes, seriously!

The wet-dry vacuum is the unsung hero of household cleaning. These multitasking units perform the job of both a broom and a mop, handling just about any mess you throw at it. So go ahead and count all the ways you’ll love this home appliance no matter who you are, then learn more about styles, features and how to choose the best wet-dry vacuum cleaner for your home.

Young, Single and Free-To-Mingle

You’ve got a cute place of your own or that you share with roommates. You’re early on in your career, unattached, and swear by a work hard, play hard philosophy.

Chances are your bathroom constantly looks like a tornado hit it as you rush to doll yourself up for work,dates and social events. Use your wet-dry vacuum to sweep hair and broken eyeshadow pallettes from hard to reach places, and to clean wet spots on the floor. With less dampness, you’ll reduce the chance of developing bathroom mold and mildew which trust us, are not pretty.

Double Income, No Kids

As a twosome, many nights are spent cuddled up together or entertaining friends. You’ve invested in beautiful furniture pieces and have treasures from your travels displayed all around your home. Perhaps you’re the more adventurous types that like to travel and live the good life.

You often get carried away cooking and dancing around the kitchen island or laughing and reminiscing over a Pinot Noir. Use your wet-dry vacuum to thoroughly clean wine and food spills before they set in and threaten to stain your gorgeous carpets and upholstery.

Fam Jam

There’s any combination of sons, daughters, cats, dogs and people in your house at any given time. Cleaning requires constant time and energy that you’d rather devote to your family or the other twenty things on your to-do list. We know there is never enough time in the day.

Use your wet-dry vacuum to quickly sweep sand and dirt from your entrance way or Cheerios and blueberries from beneath the high chair. Then use it to clean, rather than cry over that second glass of spilled milk and still make it to Boy Scouts on time.

The Golden Years

Now that you’re no longer actively working, you’ve reached what they call “the golden years”. But depending on your age, lifestyle and individual health, your body may or may not be feeling so golden. The truth is that everyday chores, especially those that require reaching or bending, can be uncomfortable and even painful. Minimize your time and effort spent cleaning floors, drapery, and hard to reach places with the powerful suction and a variety of helpful attachments that come with many wet-dry vacuum models.

No matter the size of your home or family, a wet-dry vacuum cleaner is a must-have to keep your home clean allowing you to focus less on housework and more on the things and people you love.