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Buying Marijuana Seeds is Legal in the UK and Europe

Buying marijuana seeds is a somewhat controversial topic. However, the truth is that the sale of marijuana seeds is allowed in many countries, while many others restrict it in some way or prohibit it altogether.

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Buying Marijuana Seeds is Legal in the UK and Europe

It is possible to buy them in the UK and Europe, regardless of how we bet on them. We can go to physical stores to purchase these seeds, although we can also buy them at online Grow Shops.

These stores specialize in marketing a wide variety of seeds, being able to choose them based on their quality or specific criteria.

The truth is that the concept of Growshop is familiar at the moment, and these stores appeared on the market in the early 1980s. Today, it is possible to find them in many places in the UK and Europe, as well as in other countries such as Scotland, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, etc.

It is possible to buy them due to the Vienna Convention held in 1961.

Although the sale of marijuana seeds is entirely legal in the UK and Europe, care must be taken with cultivation since its legality is protected by the interpretation given by the law on the administration of justice.


The laws in France are as strict as in Europe. The possession, consumption and, above all, the sale and production of cannabis are criminal offences under French law that are strictly prosecuted. In court practice, too, there is not much difference compared to Europe.

The sentence assessed in a case depends first and foremost on the amount of cannabis seized and the seriousness of the offence:

  • Those arrested with a small amount or just for using it are rarely charged.
  • In principle, possession, consumption, and sale are criminal offences and are punishable with up to one year in prison and a fine of €3,750.
  • Drug users can be forced by law to attend sex education and rehabilitation classes.

Regarding the legality of cannabis seeds, French law is more lenient than German, for example. As long as it cannot be proven that the buyer is not using cannabis seeds for illegal purposes, the cannabis seeds are legal, which means that it is perfectly legal to buy cannabis seeds in France, but not to grow them.

(As a reminder: In Europe, it is only legal to order cannabis seeds from other EU countries. You are not allowed to buy seeds locally from us.)

But there is also a peculiarity in French law that does not exist anywhere else: it is forbidden in France to present drugs, no matter what kind, in a positive light. That means that cannabis advocates and especially activists are more or less illegal in France. It is not allowed to speak publicly for legalization, which is why initiatives always refer to medicinal hemp.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the European Meccas for cannabis lovers. However, if you look at the legal situation of cannabis in the Netherlands, you realize that even the Netherlands is not the land of unlimited opportunity.

The biggest fallacy of many cannabis enthusiasts is that cannabis is legal in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, this is not true. Cannabis is also still illegal in the Netherlands. The only remarkable thing about our neighbour is that cannabis is tolerated, which results in many exciting rules that you should know:

  • Basically, the possession of cannabis is punishable but is tolerated if the amount is less than 5g. However, the police are entitled to confiscate the amount determined.
  • Possession of more significant amounts is considered trading and will be punished with fines of 3500€.
  • Consumption is not permitted in public but is usually tolerated because the police do not give this priority. In and of itself, especially in the centre of Amsterdam, there should never be any problems with the police.
  • The cultivation of cannabis is punishable by law, whereby the cultivation of up to 5 plants is considered personal use and is tolerated. Important: When growing at home, the cultivation may be supported by a maximum of two technical aids. Otherwise, the culture is considered professional, and you automatically become a criminal.

Also, since coffee shops do not officially buy cannabis but are not allowed to grow it themselves, every trader in the Netherlands is forced to source from the black market. The illegal cannabis trade is a massive problem in the Netherlands. Politicians have long been calling for regulated, legal or at least tolerated business.

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