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9 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Carpets Clean

Imagine it’s summer, your kids are home running around the house, your pets are playing outside and tracking in mud and god knows what else.

Now imagine all the dirt, spills, stains and traffic your carpet is going through. It’s not a pleasant sight, is it? It’s even more unpleasant when it falls on you to clean it up.

Luckily for you, we’re here to help you through this ordeal. If you want to minimize damaging your carpet any further, or if you’re looking to prevent damaging it, you’ve come to the right place.

This article is all about 9 tips and tricks that will help keep your carpet looking nice, clean and fresh.

1. Knowing Which Is The Right Carpet

 Right Carpe
I, personally, get excited when I’m going to buy carpets. I completely forget whether if it’s right for the room or not. That’s a mistake I promised myself I’ll never make.

Knowing what kind of carpet will be best for you will help you in the long run. When choosing a carpet where there’s high traffic, consider buying a nylon carpet.

A nylon carpet is easy to clean and is also long-lasting. They can take the heavy traffic and whatever your kids or pets throw at it. You won’t have to spend hours cleaning it up.

Similarly, multi-layered carpets, or shag and plush carpets will get dirty quickly and won’t be easy to clean. Use these carpets in rooms that have less traffic, like your bedroom.

2. No Shoes Allowed

No Shoes Allowed
This is a rule you must establish if you want to keep your carpet clean and fresh. Even though it may make you feel uneasy asking guests to take off their shoes, trust me it’ll be worth it.

Many people are practicing this custom now anyway, so get started on it too. You can give them clean slippers to wear while they are inside.

If you’re feeling too uneasy you can explain to them why you’re doing this. If they get inspired by you to apply this rule in their house, then that’s amazing.

Imagine you saving their house from tracking in mud, germs, toxins, and harmful bacteria. This will put less pressure on your carpets too. Their fibers will be protected and most importantly you’re keeping your household protected.

3. Clean Stains ASAP!

Clean Stains ASAP
This is a tip you have to take seriously. The longer you let a stain sit untreated, the harder it’ll be to get it out.

Stains can even become permanent if left uncleaned. Make use of baking powder, clean white paper towels, and spot cleaning spray to remove them as soon as an accident happens.

Coffee stains, wine, juice, sauce or even pet stains, whatever it may be, clean it up! Always remember to blot, and never scrub. Scrubbing stains make it even worse and you might end up damaging your carpet.

If the stain has become stubborn or it is well settled, you can better use portable carpet cleaners that extract stains from the root of carpet’s fibers without compromising the real grace of area rugs. Meanwhile, if you want to know more about the portable cleaners, carpet cleaner picks appears to be the best source for this.

4. Make Use Of Mats

Make Use Of Mats
Kids don’t always remember to take their shoes off when they come home from a long day fun outdoor activities. You might forget it yourself too, and there’s no way your pets are capable of wearing shoes at all.

In times like this, make use of mats. Mats can help prevent dirt or mud from getting inside your house. Put them before the main door or outside, it’ll do its job just fine.

You can train your pets to clean their feet on the mats before getting in and teach your kids to make this a habit as well. Politely ask your guests to do the same. You can minimize a lot of germs and bacteria from getting inside your house.

Not to mention, your carpets will be less dirty than usual. You won’t have to spend hours after it.

5. Minimize Outdoor Activities Inside

If you’re planning on inviting people over for a barbecue or a pool party, or even just a casual get together outside, make sure you take some precautions beforehand.

You can do this by putting up signs outside directing them to go to the backyard directly instead of getting inside the house and then going back. Keep drinks and food stocked outside and you can minimize going back and forth.

Make use of the washroom that’s closest to the back door, you can direct them to it putting up signs. This way, you’re limiting getting your carpet too dirty and also minimizing clean up time.

6. Vacuum Often, But Not That Often

Vacuum Often
Let’s face it, you can’t prevent your carpet from ever getting dirty. Summer or winter, your carpets will get dirty. One way you can keep up with the cleanliness is by vacuuming often.

Vacuuming once or twice a week can get rid of pet hair, dust, and pollen from building up. Make sure you use the crevice tool to get rid of pet hair and dust around the walls and furniture.

While vacuuming regularly is fine, you must remember doing it too often can also damage your carpet. Your carpet may lose its original color, fibers will wear out quickly.

Don’t vacuum too much unless absolutely necessary. Always vacuum once a week – trust me, it’s more than enough. This way you’re cleaning up dirt and saving your carpets’ lifespan.

7. Limit The Use Of Chemicals

Limit The Use Of Chemicals
One thing I always opt for when I’m cleaning my carpet is natural remedies. Chemical cleaners get the job done, but the harsh chemicals used in the process aren’t always safest.

Chemical cleaners are unhealthy for children, pets, and even the environment may get affected by them. Not to mention, it might damage your carpet in the long run as well.

Vinegar and baking powder are two ingredients that will change your life if you make use of them to clean your carpets instead of harsh chemicals.

Do some research on your own before using any chemicals. But if you do insist on buying cleaning materials, make sure they are biodegradable or plant-based.

They will be less harmful to everybody involved.

8. Professional Help

Proffessional help
We all lead busy lives, and not every day you will get the time to tend to your carpet. Sometimes it’s best to hire professionals to deep clean your carpet.

You’ve done all you’ve can now leave it to the professionals. It’s a smart idea to get your carpet cleaned thoroughly at least once a year. Not all vacuum cleaners are strong and get the job done.

Professional cleaners will have the industrial-level equipment and can help deep clean your carpet and really get the dirt out. They can help deodorize it too.

Your carpet will be clean, freshly conditioned, and also smell nice. Everybody wins.

9. Take It Outside

There’s always something going on, DIY projects, or a home-based project that can be done outside or in a shed, if you have one.

The point we’re trying to make is heavy work that might damage your carpet unnecessarily can be done somewhere else. If you don’t have a shed, make a small workshop in the backyard.

Move your necessary tools to the shed or workshop and work there. Not only house projects. Bicycles, garden boots, garden tools, and etc can be kept outside or in the garage as well.

The tip here is to move your outdoor activity stuff outside and away from the main house. You’ll prevent a lot of cleaning and be thankful when you realize what a big difference it made.

Final Thoughts

Having a clean and beautiful home is everyone’s dream, and you can make that happen with a bit of diligence and proper attention. We hope these 9 tips will help make your life a little easier than it previously was.

Always remember to clean up stains immediately and to make use of rugs on the carpets whenever there is heavy traffic inside the house.

A carpet really helps to pull together an overall image of a room. So, take care of it the right way and keep your home looking clean, fresh and beautiful!

Author Bio:

Stepheny is a content writer at FeedFond. She’s a loving mother to her two children and is passionate about psychology and philosophy. To read more of her articles, visit get rid of pet hair .

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