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Top Beach Essentials for Men

There is no better spot to relax, play or cool off in summer than the beach. Whether you are hitting the coast to catch some waves, build a sand castle with your kids, or simply relax with a good book, beer in hand, here are a few essentials to help you make the most of each sunny moment.


A pair of stylish sunglasses not only looks great but protects your eyes from harmful UV rays. Even if you do not wear sunglasses on a daily basis, be sure to shield your eyes when spending hours in the sun. Sunglasses with polarized lenses are particularly great for the beach, as they minimise glare from the water. If you tend to mistreat your sunglasses, opt for flexon frames that are made from memory metal, which returns to its original shape after being twisted or bent. Be sure to bring a case with you to keep your sunglasses from getting scratched after sunset.


Wearing a hat is another great way to look your best while protecting yourself from the sun. Use a cap to shield your head and eyes, or select a straw hat to keep you cool and dry as you soak up the rays.

Simple, yet effective, a pair of thongs is the perfect option for hot summer days on the beach. Thongs are not just open-toed, they are also super easy to kick off when you hit the sand and put back on once you are on your way home. They are also fully waterproof, so you won’t need to worry about getting them wet.


As men are more likely to develop skin cancer than women, wearing a high-SPF sunscreen on the beach is a must. Select a sunscreen that is oil-free and water-resistant to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, even in the water. Stick sunscreens make the application process a whole lot easier, ensuring that you don’t miss any spots. According to MONEDEROSMART, a moisturizer that doubles as a sunscreen is the best option for men with dry skin. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen every two hours when outside.


Forget your average bath towel. A soft, fluffy beach towel can take your seaside experience to a whole new level. The best beach towels are large enough to be used by a number of people and keep the sand off your space. A beach towel should also be lightweight, so you can easily shake off any excess sand at the end of the day. Some beach towels even come with sand pockets in the corners to stop them from shifting or blowing away.


Make the most of sun-soaked days on the beach by investing in a quality speaker. The best beach speakers are lightweight, compact and water-resistant. Some speakers even float in water, letting you enjoy your favourite summer tunes while cooling down. Other features to keep in mind include sound quality and playtime (the longer the better). Bring a pair of wireless earphones, if you think your music choices might disturb your family or neighbours.


Fun under the sun and ice-cold refreshments go hand in hand. As such, a cooler is a great option for keeping your beverages nice and cold, even in the hottest weather. Many ice boxes are designed to keep your drinks cool for up to 36 hours and some are even collapsible for easy storage. Plus, the lightweight construction means that, if need be, most eskys will float in water. Beach-goers might also want to consider investing in an insulated stainless steel bottle to keep their water chilled while reducing plastic consumption.

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