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3 Fantastic Sushi Making Kits That Sushi Planet Recommends

You finally have got the hang of it as far as cooking sushi at home is concerned. And you realized that acquiring the best roller is prudent. The kit you use to roll the main ingredient is vital since it would affect the result of your meal. The process of rolling sushi can be daunting, but with the right tools, the process can be made easier. Sushi planet recommends three best kits that can be used in the preparation of this meal at home.

Two conventional methods are popular when it comes to rolling the ingredients. The first one is using mats. There are various designs, shape as well as materials that make up the mats. The best mat to go for is the one made of bamboo. The unique thing about them is that they are odor and mold resistant. Those mats made from plastics are easy to clean, thereby ensuring hygiene between uses.

The other method is using long cylindrical plastic tubes where you put up the rice and your main ingredients and try to push them to come out from the other side. With that said, the right roller will depend entirely on your taste as well as preference. It is important to note that if you are a beginner, you have to go for a kit that provides sushi cutter and has excellent instructions. This will help your preparation process to be smooth and easy.

The highly recommended rollers that will ease the prep section include Bambooworx rolling-kit. This is the best bamboo mat as it has been tested and proven to be amazing. The kit is made from bamboo, ensuring that it is odor resistant. When you buy the package, you will get two rolling mats, one rice spreader, five chopsticks, and a rice paddle. All the items work hand in hand to ensure that your preparation is made easier.

The next kit to look out for is the SushiQuick making-kit. The equipment is suitable for beginners as it has everything they will need. You will have to follow a three-part procedure when you buy this kit. The process involves laying the mat down with seaweed on it, then placing a frame on top of it. After doing so, you can go ahead and place your rice and other ingredients on the edges of this frame.

This comes in handy as it will ensure that you do not put extra rice or fish, thereby guaranteeing the rolling process is easy. You then have to remove the frame so that you can use your mat to roll the delicacy. After you are done, you have to place the finished products into the rice cutter so that it can correctly dice the rolls into uniform sushi. The kit is a bit expensive, but it is worthy because it is foolproof.

All components of the sushiQuick making kit are dishwasher safe so that you can clean them easily. The kit comes with an instructional video, which is a plus for you. The next roller to look out for is the AISHA Sushi Bazooka. It is easy to clean and comes with an instructional guide.

During preparation, while using this kit, you will see trays on both sides of the roller. You have to add a little oil on both sides and spread the rice down and plop your fish and other ingredients to the center. You can then put together the two sides of this kit and push the product out using a plunger.