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Finance Essay Writing Tips – 2020 Guide

Writing a highly scoring finance essay will no longer be a challenge after you learn how to write a perfect one. Become a proficient finance essay writer today through our detailed guide.

Finance Essay Writing Guide

Essays are an integral part of every course, and the finance course is no exception. Students will be required to write finance essays throughout their stay in school as a response to specific questions. Most finance students find it challenging to complete their essays correctly and accurately according to the question. Therefore, students must get acquainted with different writing techniques to improve their finance essay writing skills. This guide aims to offer students a comprehensive solution to their finance essay writing challenges by elaborating on the problem and showing how to plan, brainstorm, and structure their finance essays correctly. What’s more, we also show you how a free invoice template can help and where you can find expert finance essay help and some additional tips on writing high-quality finance essays.

The Difficulty in Writing Finance Essays

Interestingly, many students find it challenging to write finance essays but do not know the exact problem. From our interaction with many finance students, we have found out that the main difficulty students face while writing finance essays is how to start. Students find it challenging to begin writing a finance essay because of the following reasons:

  • They do not understand the essay questions.
  • They do not plan for their essay composition.
  • They cannot critically analyze data.
  • They cannot apply finance principles to the essay.
  • They do not know how to structure their essays.

If you feel anxious whenever you try to write your finance essay, understand that you can write a perfect finance essay. You only need to effectively plan and brainstorm your paper according to the essay question and structure the piece logically and clearly. We describe how to achieve perfect essays in more detail below.

Planning the Essay

Planning how you will write the finance essay will ensure that your final paper is well-researched, well-structured, and well-reasoned according to the essay question. Through planning, you create a thorough mind-map that allows you to organize your essay perfectly. Moreover, you have to focus your essay plan around the essay question. The ultimate goal of your paper should be to provide answers to the essay question. Therefore, you must understand the problem correctly before you begin the planning phase of your essay.

Finance essay questions can either be closed or open-ended. Open-ended questions allow you enough room to provide a variety of perspectives to the particular question. On the other hand, closed essay questions are focused on specific financial facts or figures and require you to be specific in your answer. Therefore, closed finance essay questions confine your response. In that case, ask yourself the precise details of the question to make an accurate plan that addresses the question details.

You can know the specific details of a finance essay question by breaking the question into small bits. The bits should be based on the keywords that cumulatively make up the question as it is. Some keywords to look for in a finance essay question include ‘discuss, analyze, compare, explain, and describe’. Keywords will help you know what the question demands and also help with making a draft outline.

Brainstorming and Researching for Content

After you understand what the finance essay question requires, and make the draft outline according to the question, you will need to find content for your essay. The first step for finding content is by brainstorming. Do not do any research at this point. Note down any ideas you have about the question. After that, you can now research from books and online about the problem to gauge whether your brainstormed ideas are right or wrong. Also, researching helps you in polishing your ideas and adding more points to your essay content. The points you make from brainstorming and researching will be the foundation of your finance essay, upon which you will answer the question accordingly.

Perfect Structure for a Finance Essay

A finance essay should be short and straight to the point. Because of that, the perfect structure for any finance essay is the five-paragraph structure. Writing finance essays’ five-paragraph style demands that you write one engaging introduction, three well-detailed body paragraphs, and a concise conclusion. While writing your paragraph, you must make the essay coherent and readable.

Follow the following guidelines for writing your finance essay paragraphs:

Finance essay introduction

Your introduction should be catchy and informative. While you strive to capture your reader’s attention in the introduction, you must also show that you comprehensively understood the question. As such, give a brief demonstration of what your answer will entail and any methods you have used to write the essay. Finally, do not forget to provide a thesis statement that summarises the three body paragraphs of your essay in line with the essay question.

Finance essay body

The body paragraphs of your finance essay show your main points for the question. Each section must be independent and focused on one idea only. That is to say that you will begin each paragraph with a topic sentence that hints what the paragraph is about. Next, proceed to provide an explanation based on financial facts because finance essays must never be based on opinions. Every point in finance essays must reflect an in-depth understanding of financial principles, statistics, and real-world finance scenarios in line with ethical and legal issues in finance. Additionally, you must provide reliable sources to back your ideas.

Finance essay conclusion

The conclusion of your finance essay must summarise the ideas in your paper. Moreover, endeavor to provide a reliable assessment of the arguments projected in your writing. That way, the reader will finish reading your essay with tangible takeaways.

Get Expert Finance Essay Help

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