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When a Lightweight Weed Eater is the Best Choice

The problem with weeds is a never-ending one. If, like many people, you don’t want to put weed killer down in your garden – or perhaps you have children or pets and can’t risk it – the answer definitely lies with a weed eater. Otherwise known as trimmers, string trimmers, or sometimes strimmer’s, these clever devices are simple to use, and not expensive.

However, what we would advise right now is that you look for brand names. The reason for this is that there are a large number of generic models available – at seemingly amazing prices – yet these tend not to be reliable. With a name brand, you get a better guarantee of quality, plus a warranty that is not only sensible but is likely to be honored.

So, what is a weed eater precisely, and why are we suggesting the lightweight variety is the best choice? Like many power tools, weed eaters are available in electric and gas-powered forms. The latter may be powerful, but they are also very heavy thanks to the fuel and the tank. An electric model will be much lighter and, as a result, far easier to use, and makes more sense for today’s household. What should you look for in a lightweight weed eater? Here are our tips to remember when you start searching for the right model for you.

Weed Eaters and Features You Need to Look For

Finding the right lightweight weed eater means looking through a selection of makes and models, so here’s our list of things to consider.

Corded or Cordless

This is an important consideration. Electric trimmers – like many other electric tools – come in two forms, those with a power cord that plugs into a mains outlet, and those that have a rechargeable battery and no cord. The latter are more versatile, but you do have the problem of them only being used for a certain time before the battery needs replacing or recharging. Also, you should use the best weed eater heads that help you to get the best result

As a rule of thumb, you should be looking at run-time on a full battery of around 45 minutes.
Many of the models from known brands – Black & Decker, for instance – use a battery that is common to other tools in the range, and you can buy the batteries separately. With a mains-powered model, there is no need to break for recharging, but you are limited by the length of the cord. We prefer battery models – after all, are you going to be weed-eating for more than 45 minutes at a time?

Power Level

Electric motors come in a variety of different power levels, and if you have serious weed issues, you want the most powerful you can find and afford. What you need to look for is the RPM – revolutions per minute – the capability of the machine, as this will be greater, the more powerful the motor. Higher RPM means better cutting ability, so you want to look for one with at least 7500RPM capacity or more. In some cases, RPM speeds can be controlled by the user, which means you can slow down to easier weeds and speed up for the tough ones, and use the battery more efficiently.

Overall Weight

In researching these machines, we were surprised to find that the weight of them differs quite considerably. We found models that weighed from 4.5lbs through to 6.5lbs; that may not read like a lot of difference, but when you are handling the machine for long periods of time, it will be noticeable. However, don’t buy solely on weight, as the very light machines may not be as powerful as some of the heavier models.

Cutting Area

This is the width of the path that your weed eater will cut in one sweep, and it should ideally be around 12-inches for maximum performance. This is the size that most of the models on the market aim for, so you should have no trouble finding one to fit.

Make no mistake that a weed eater will prove to be a very useful tool and one that makes weed control a lot easier. Have a look now at the various examples available and see what you think – we’re sure there’s one that will suit your requirements.