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Your Guide to Dishwasher Disposal

On average, a dishwasher lasts between seven to 12 years.

Once your beloved dishwasher finally passes somewhere over the rainbow, you’ll have to replace it. What do you do with the old dishwasher, though?

In some cities, improper dishwasher disposal can get you fined or even land you in jail. So it’s important to know your various legal options for getting rid of the appliance.

How to Take Care of Dishwasher Disposal

Figuring out what to do with your broken dishwasher is a daunting task for many homeowners. Most people don’t have a clue about how to remove an old dishwasher.

Removing a dishwasher requires a wrench so that you can turn off your water. Then you have to flip off the power at the breaker. Other steps include disconnecting the drain line and removing screws that help secure the appliance tight. For people with zero hands-on experience, these tasks seem overwhelming.

Unless you own a roll away dishwasher, moving the large machine once it’s disconnected is difficult. Because it’s heavy and cumbersome, the furthest many people move it is into their garage to be forgotten.

Here are several options for you to consider when it comes to disposing of your dishwasher:

1. Pickup

There are several different ways you can go about getting your dishwasher picked up.

Many cities have a curbside pickup program. You can check with your city to find out if they do or not.

The other pickup is through a retailer. When you buy your new dishwasher, check with the retailer whether they offer a “haul away” program. Many retailers you buy your appliance from will take away and recycle the dishwasher at no additional cost.

2. Waste Removal Service

This is similar to pickup, except these are professionals that you hire. There are many waste removal services that will do same-day rubbish removal.

Many of these services choose to recycle your appliance. Others break it down for parts and sell off the usable parts before scrapping the rest in a landfill.

3. Sell

No matter how outdated or broken your old dishwasher is, odds are there’s someone out there willing to buy it.

Garage sales and classifieds are both good options to try and get rid of your unwanted appliance.

Facebook Marketplace is another excellent option that will allow you to find local buyers.

4. Donate

If your old dishwasher is still functional, another option is to donate it to a local charity. There are many people on tight budgets who will be happy to buy an older dishwasher if it means saving big.
Check with organizations like the Salvation Army or Goodwill to see if they’ll take your appliance.

In With the New, out With the Old

Getting rid of old appliances used to be a huge hassle. That isn’t the case any longer.

There are several ways you can take care of dishwasher disposal. Whether you want to be green and recycle your old appliance, or would like to make a bit of pocket money and sell it, the choice is yours. Explore your options and choose whichever best suits you.

We hope this guide helped inform you of the various ways you can dispose of old appliances like dishwashers. Before you go, take a moment to browse our website for other informative posts.

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