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Choosing the Best Smoke Detector for Home Safety

More than half of the fire deaths happened between 11 pm, and 7 am -the time when most people are asleep. In these instances, the lack of a smoke detector can cost loss of lives that could’ve been avoided easily.

It plays a vital role in home safety; hence it is essential you get the best one. We vetted 12 different smoke alarms and chose the best amongst them all. The comparison was based on their reliability, price, alertness, and customer service the brand provides.

Here are our final choices

X-sense SD01 smoke detector

X-sense SD01 smoke detector is one of the most economically-priced smoke detectors that offers all the features a smoke detector should have. For instance, the Led light is automatically turned on in case of the fire. The Led light illuminates an escape path so that residents of the house can easily make their way out in the instance of a fire. The smoke detector is reliable; it has 10-year battery power, and if there is any battery related issue, the smoke detector will automatically alert the house owner. The user can easily learn how to turn off fire alarm (the procedures have been explained on their website). A basic fire alarm that efficiently does its job.

First Alert smoke alarm

This smoke detector has a dual sensor which can detect various kind of fires and gives. It has a photoelectric sensor that can differentiate between everyday smoke and a blazing inferno, which means no false alarms. Moreover, the First Alert smoke detector has a backup battery, which many that even through a power failure, the smoke detector will continue to function. The only back fall is that it can’t detect carbon monoxide.

Google Nest

It is the smartest smoke detector on our list. It has smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detector, linked to the home’s WIFI. This way, you can monitor your home through your mobile. Other than that, the device will alert you if the sensor is worn down or the device has a low battery. The Nest makes more than 400 checks to ensure that everything is going well always. A human voice gives the warning in case of any danger. The only con of this detector is that it is expensive.

Kiddie hardwires smoke alarm.

It is one of the most inexpensive options on the market. The smoke detector is connected to the house electrical system and has a 9V battery. It gets the job done and gives you an 85db alarm in case of a fire. There is a large hush button so that users can switch off or deactivate the alarm easily when needed. The con of this device is the false alarms and the 5-year warranty.

Smoke detectors are not wanted but needed. It is a small investment that will save lives in crucial situations. The United States Fire Administration (USFA) advises that homeowners replace the smoke detectors every ten years. It is a long-term investment decision which should make after careful consideration of all factors.

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