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Gifts for Him: 5 Ideas to Surprise Your Partner

It’s that time of the year. A new festivity is approaching or, even worse, you are about to celebrate your anniversary. You panic, because after years and years of gifts and presents you are running out of ideas. Especially if it’s him that you need to surprise. When it comes to women, men have their emergency options. Perhaps it’s a bouquet or a romantic home-made dinner, but what matters is that they usually have it easier.

But for women, it’s a whole different thing. There’s no shortcut but luckily there are some ideas that are evergreen from Matching Gear, even when it comes to boys. And you are about to find it out.

1. A sports event

Sport can be a perfect solution to release some stress while having fun: giving your boyfriend or husband a weekend in a place where he can practice his favorite sport is an idea he will undoubtedly appreciate. But some people prefer to watch rather than do. That’s why tickets for a live sports event are an awesome solution. Honestly, how many men are NOT into football, basketball or some of the other most popular sports out there? So, if you are not that unlucky, just bring your man to a sports stadium and enjoy a night of pure entertainment!

2. A wine or beer tasting

Just like sports, men often love to drink a good glass of wine or a tasty beer. So, what you need to do is quite simple: organize a trip out of town and enjoy a nice day in a vineyard or a brewery. This would also be a nice chance for you two to meet new people and share a nice experience, eating and drinking at the same table. And if you want to go big, choose a place where you can spend the night. Nature, tasty food and delicious alcohol: does it get more romantic than that?

3. A framed picture

Surprise, surprise: men appreciate romantic gestures as well. Therefore, a nice idea is to look for a photo of the two of you and frame it. Think about a special holiday you went on together, a particular outdoor activity or even a simple but meaningful moment, and make it a lifetime memory.
While you are there, why not leaving it on his desk at work, in order to surprise him? Especially if your budget is limited, this a sweet and caring solution!

4. A handmade jewel

If you want to break any gender convention (you should, by the way), you can go for a jewel. A handmade one at that. Why? Because it’s highly customizable. When it comes to handcrafted jewelry, you can easily add a symbol or a special phrase that represents your love. And don’t worry, it’s full of nice jewelry for men. For instance, handmade necklaces often add that touch of elegance to a man’s outfit, while rings and bracelets are more suitable for personalized additions. Regardless of what your decision will be, keep in mind that your man is going to appreciate a handmade accessory.

5. A vinyl record

Does your boyfriend or husband love music? Then a vinyl record is simply a great present.

Even if technology has evolved and the means have changed, vinyl is a synonym for quality and romanticism. Especially if you man comes from a relatively older generation, nothing will ever match the pleasure of listening to your favorite album old-style. But if you want to take it a step further and do something truly romantic, our advice is to choose a song that identifies your relationship. Perhaps is the one you were listening to when you two met for the first time, maybe it’s just the one you love the most. What matters is that it has meaning.