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Reasons Why You Should Use Reusable Grocery Bags

As the human race has progressed over the years, our lifestyles have taken a huge toll on Mother Nature. The ozone layer is depleting at an alarming rate, glaciers are melting and climate, the mercury has gone haywire across the globe and climate change is a serious concern today. As the world is making efforts to reduce the risks, sustainable lifestyle choices such as reusable grocery bags have been quite a rage. For years we have blamed industrialization for destroying the climate, but we did not realize that eliminating little pollutants that we all use regularly can alone make a huge impact. The plastic footprint is one of the biggest culprits behind pollution and reusable grocery bags are an amazing way to combat that. Interestingly, the climate is a very restrictive term, which is why most people undermine the importance of using these bags. There is so much more to these bags that make them worth using,

Resource Conservation

The problems with plastic bags begin with the moment they are manufactured. Give the volume of their usage, a significant amount of resources, and energy, in particular, is invested in manufacturing them. Barrels of oil are burnt every year and an alarming volume of carbon footprint is added to the planet during the manufacturing process alone. Imagine if every person using a plastic switch to reusable canvas or cloth bags, how much resources would be saved?

Reduces Pollution

Of course, the whole point behind using plastic bags is that you dispose of them off after use. Unfortunately, these plastic bags cannot be recycled and can take anywhere from a decade to centuries to break down while they lie around in the landfills. That means that while a load of existing plastic bags is already there, new ones are dumped away every day, thereby increasing the pollutants. The only way forward is to stop adding more plastic bags to these landfills, which can only be done by switching to reusable bags.

Protects the Wild

Our planet is home to a beautiful ecosystem driven by diverse flora and fauna, wildlife, insects, marine life birds and much more. Dumping plastic bags inland and in sea poses a huge threat to all these species. Tourist beach hotspots in Bali and Thailand have been raising concerns about how plastic dumped in the sea is harming the local marine life and disturbing the beautiful ecosystem. Likewise, there are thousands of cases discovered about birds or small species losing their lives after being trapped in those bags and not being able to make out of them.


Most stores today charge for plastic bags and you can eliminate that cost by using a reusable bag. One might wonder, why something as cheap as a plastic bag would have any impact on their pocket. Plastic bags are indeed sold cheap, but you buy them every time you go to a store. That means that if you pick a plastic bag 5 times a day and each bag costs a dime, you will certainly save up a decent amount over a year.