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Super Cool Gift Ideas Which Is Bound To Light Up A Smile In Your Father’s Face

He was the one who had taught us how to walk, how to ride our first bicycle, how to score a goal in the game of soccer and how to take on every curve ball life throws at us without forgetting how to smile. Now is the time to make him feel special by shouldering his responsibilities and caring for him just like the way he cared for us when we were small. We have collated some out-of-the-box gift ideas which is sure to delight your old man and make him feel on cloud nine. Check out customised ez link card.

Amazon Echo

This smart assistant can be operated through voice control for reciting daily news, reading to him an audiobook, playing his favourite classic songs or even ordering pizza with some extra cheese. This innovative gadget can help him out in sorting the daily chores and even with dimming the lights, controlling the thermostat, locking doors and setting outdoor sprinklers. Amazon Echo is available in a variety of finishes ranging from sleek fabric to subtle wood for blending with the home décor in a seamless fashion.

Vacuum Beard Trimmer

When it comes to executing facial trims, a little extra help is always appreciated. Your dad can exercise utmost precision coupled with a beard trimmer which is extremely simple and enjoyable to use. Its rechargeable battery provides hours of cordless use following a single charge so that he can get even his thickest beard under control.

Aluminum Wallet

Given the fact that our dads store all those important documents, cards and cash in his wallet, it needs to properly uphold his safety parameters. But this is rarely the case with our father’s old and tattered wallet. In such a scenario, you can gift him an aluminum option to keep his cards safe. These wallets are fitted with RFID technology for keeping your dad’s personal identity safe as its slim stature fits in his pockets seamlessly.

Beer Holder

Although considered by many as a novelty, a beer holder can serve as an extremely practical gift for your dad as it ensures that he will never have to put down his brew for something such as a shower. It can stick to an array of surfaces such as mirror, laminate, marble and glass. Your dad can even remove it easily for being plopped on to any other nearby wall.

Keysmart Compact Key Holder

For those looking for the perfect gift for a father who struggles to manage their keys, the KeySmart compact key holder may be just the thing. This unique presentation has generated a lot of buzz lately, and for good reason. It offers a more organized approach to key management that eliminates the need for noisy keys that can weigh down pockets and purses. Plus, its sleek, compact design makes it easy to slip into a pocket or attach to a key ring. If your father values practicality and simplicity, the KeySmart compact key holder could be just the thing to put a smile on his face.

Wireless Charging Station

Gift your dad the experience of effortless charging whether he is driving his car or working late nights at office coupled with a wireless charging station which features built-in magnets to hold his smartphone in place as charging initiates on contact.

Plate Carriers

If the idea of a perfect weekend for your old man involves a hunting trip, then nothing can delight him more than plate carriers which would enable him to carry around body Armour equipment to cater to his needs. You can refer to source for such gifts.

Smart Watch

This touchscreen wearable can perform a horde of functions ranging from counting steps to tracking sleep. This can serve as an ideal present for the health-conscious father who wishes to keep track of every single ounce of extra calorie consumed.

Portable Espresso

If your father is always on the move, then a portable espresso can be the ideal choice for helping him keep his energy meter filled round the clock without having to run to a coffee shop every now and then.

Wireless Headphones

Help him stay tuned to his favorite jams without any disruptions as the wireless tech babies bring along next-level noise cancellation and built-in Google assistant to give audio entertainment a whole new meaning.

Shopping for dads can be pretty tricky but we have got your back in this. Our list is bound to provide you with endless possibilities for making your father happy.