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Reasons Why You Should Not Refrain From Wearing Wigs

‘We change our makeup daily, why not our hair?’

Long gone are the times when there used to be a taboo among women when it came to wearing wigs. In are the days forAfrican American wigs. These days wigs are not merely a cover up for your hair loss but also something people opt for when they need some change or just for fun. Changing your hair can absolutely change the way you look. Your hair plays a major role in framing your face and it determines your overall appearance.

You can find your favorite wigs by simply looking up for ‘African American salon near me’ and choose the wig that you think suits you the best.

The trend of wigs instantly became popular since model Coco Rocha who rocked her chin-length bleached bob in her Balmain campaign, was seen sporting a completely different look.

She was seen with a long fishtail braid which was so unusual from what her 1.1 million followers on Instagram were used to seeing. This further created a buzz when she was back to her classic bob hairstyle four days later.

History of wigs

Wigs were initially used by Egyptians as a cover-up for hair fall. Since then, people have started using it when they experience hair fall. People might be embarrassed about their hair fall and it can affect their self-esteem. Thus the use of wigs became widely popular due to the same reason.

In later recent years, people have started using wigs as their style statement. These days wigs are considered a way you choose to express yourself. With the increase in experimentation with hair among celebrities, the taboo regarding wigs has subsided.

Above all, social media allows people to become more transparent about their fashion choices. People have started using wigs for their hair transformation instead of going under scissors and actually chopping their hair.

Reasons why you should try wigs too!

1. Medical reason

Your hair is a part of your overall appearance. Especially for women, it might be something which concerns them to a certain serious extent. Some people might suffer from severe hair loss and thus they might consider wearing a wig. If hair loss affects your self-esteem and confidence then you must consider opting for a wig.

It is noticed that cancer patients feel better during their chemo if they start wearing wigs. This might help them feel better about themselves and boost up their confidence.

2. Change is good

Who doesn’t love a change? But sometimes people are too scared to try something new on their real hair, to your rescue comes the option of wearing wigs. You can try different looks without the risk of ruining your real hair. You can go long or short, blonde or brunette – you can try all the hairstyles that you always wanted to but you were too scared to experiment.

3. Affordable

We all want the salon-styled perfect shiny hair every day. However, we know that it can burn a huge hole in our pockets. Purchasing a wig is your one-time solution if you want that perfect shiny mane every day. Synthetic wigs come pre-styled and so you can just put them on whenever you are having a bad hair day.

This will save you so much time and fuss of styling your hair every day. In today’s fast world, no one has the time to put so much effort into styling their hair. Wigs will be at your rescue if you are running late, too lazy to style your hair or if you’re in need of a new hairstyle or of course if you suffer from hair loss.

Wigs are somethings which should not be categorized. Anyone and everyone can wear wigs for fun regardless of your age, gender or skin color. Wigs should be a mere tool to spark up your boring usual look!