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How to Choose a Suitable Commercial Cleaning Company?

A clean and tidy workplace isn’t something that merely adds to the aesthetics. Maintaining a clean workplace encourages productivity in employees and conveys your efficiency to clients and prospects.
Keeping up the cleanliness of your workplace shouldn’t take away your attention from the core business operations. This is where a cleaning company can make things easier for you. Let’s look at some key factors you should consider when choosing a cleaning company.

  1. The best way to learn about the reputation of a cleaning company is through its clientele. Ask for references, especially of companies with similar cleaning requirements as yours. These recommendations will assist you in deciding whether the cleaning company is right for you or not.
  2. Whether you are looking for regular janitorial services in Toronto or deep cleaning for your restaurant, make sure the cleaning company has the proper training and experience for these tasks.
    Ask about the level of training the cleaning staff has and if they are familiar with the latest cleaning equipment. It would be futile to hire a service that can’t perform customized cleaning jobs.
  3. Cleaning might seem like a faultless service, but it is important to protect your business and premises. For instance, if a cleaner gets injured while cleaning your windows, it could become a liability for you. So make sure the cleaning company you’re considering is fully insured for complete safety and security.
  4. Before hiring a cleaning service, you should ask what job sizes are they capable of handling. Enquire about the types of equipment the cleaning company works with. If you require steam cleaning services for your massive office space, then a small cleaning service with handheld tools won’t cut it for you.
  5. Just effective and regular cleaning is not enough. To make sure your employees work in a healthy environment, hire a green cleaning company. Green cleaning products are no longer a fad, but a necessity. Find a cleaning company that will help you in becoming green and sustainable to meet your environmental goals.
  6. The cleaning company you are considering should have a strict screening process for employees. Since the cleaning staff will have access to your office space, it is essential for them to respect your privacy and do their job without any intrusions. You should be able to trust your cleaning company to follow an ethical code of service.
  7. Adding to the point of maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of your organization, ask if the same team of cleaners will be responsible for your facility. A regular team of cleaners will understand your layout and requirements.
    On the other hand, new cleaners continuously entering your property will not only compromise the safety but will also lead to ineffective services.
  8. Your potential cleaning company should be certified by CIMS. This will ensure that the company has a proven track record of following the best industry practices and delivers effective and consistent services.
  9. A good commercial cleaning service will take steps to remain accountable for their services. Janitorial inspections are a great way to bridge the gap between you and the cleaning company. Using technology like specialized apps and software are effective in reporting, communication and resolving issues.
  10. In addition to adhering to the industry standards, a cleaning company should also be compliant with the safety requirements. Proper gear and tools for the cleaners are imperative to prevent any injuries or accidents.

When you start looking for a commercial cleaning company, you will come across countless options. But don’t feel overwhelmed. Hopefully, keeping in mind these pointers will help you narrow down the list and find a cleaning service that perfectly matches your requirements.

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