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9 Fashion Choices That Make Your OOTDs Look Cheap And Cringeworthy

Almost everyone has their fair share of fashion fails. There are some of us who cannot afford to buy expensive clothes while some are lucky enough to have every possible clothing at their expense. However, the tricky part is not acquiring the perfect fancy ensemble, but pulling the whole look together without looking more or less tacky. 

Yes, you may afford the most glamorous dresses and the latest fashions trends of the season. You may even have the same clothes – brand and all of your favorite celebrities that you copied straight from the magazine. However, that is nothing can go wrong with you OOTD. Sometimes, even the pieces of clothing that are worth hundreds of dollars can look like second-rate.

Lucky for us, there is still hope. These are the most common fashion choices that make your OOTDs look cheap and cringe-worthy and tips on how to avoid them.

Jewelry Overload

We get it – you love wearing your bling-blings. You are head-over-heels over your fine jewelry, and that is honestly okay. However, wearing too much bling without considering the occasion or event you’re going to can ruin your outfit instead of complimenting it.

For an everyday look, the best way to go would be by keeping it simple. If you’re already wearing a pair of big, eye-catching or chandelier earrings, let your neck go bare. For most occasions, a cute pair of stud earrings is more than enough to complete the look.

Too Loose Choices

Pairing loose items can sometimes go out of hand because merely wearing two is just plain comfortable. This is especially true when we are feeling lazy or just want to wear something warm and cozy. Pants that are two sizes bigger or wide skirts paired with a loose top gives you that baggy and outdated look. 

When you’re in the mood for a loose top, go for a form-fitting bottom like skinny jeans or a pencil skirt paired with a custom bandana design to complete the retro look. The tight and loose elements will give your outfit a balanced look.

Wearing Clothes that are Not a Perfect Fit

You may have a brand new Givenchy dress or just recently acquired a printed Versace blazer done by Kendall Jenner, but if your new favorite is not the right fit, it would only look less appealing and more like third-grade.

Make sure your pants and sleeves are of the right length, and your tops are a perfect fit before wearing them. Investing in clothes that look like they were made specifically for you automatically makes them look flattering and expensive. Getting a tailor to make your outfit into a perfect fit is not only cheap but is worth it.

Following the Latest Trends with a Blind Eye

No rule tells you to follow every single fashion trend every season. For one, they can be quite expensive. Also, they are more likely to go out of style sooner than you expected. 

Choose pieces that never go out of style – those what we call wardrobe staples. The classic pieces every girl should have in their closet is a little black dress, a comfy jean, your basic white tee, your favorite beautiful jewelry, black heels and a well-tailored button up shirt.

Visible Straps

What straps are we talking about here? Those bra straps of yours that go to play peek-a-boo on some of your outfits. Wearing your favorite bra along with racerbacks, off-shoulders, spaghetti-strapped outfits as well as halter-necked tops may not be the best idea, especially if it can only do we all as a t-shirt bra.

Keep those straps hidden and don’t spoil your cute dresses with a visible bra. Wear something else that can offer support and comfort while you rock your outfit of the day. 

Faux Bags, Clothes and Accessories with Big Branded Logos

There is nothing wrong with splurging money on your beloved brands. However, if you want to achieve an expensive look minus the pricey price tag, refrain from donning the replicas. Some may claim these are rated Class A, but in an expert’s and a keen fashionista’s eye can easily spot a fake.

Again, simplicity is your best friend. Opt for pieces that are well-made, beautiful and affordable that don’t scream cheap rip-off.

Wrong Shoes, Color and All

White sneakers are generally okay, but when it comes to pumps and stilettos, there is only a limited number of styles that go well with these babies. We may not want to say it out loud, but there is color discrimination when it comes to shoes. Also, choosing style over comfort is a no-no.

If you’re rocking an office attire, opt for shoes that compliments your outfit – and one that has heels. Flats do not look flattering at all, so make sure to leave them unless the occasion calls for a casual get-up. For pumps, you can wear with just about anything, get one in a nude color. Not comfortable with sky-high heels? That’s alright! Even your favorite shoes with the littlest amount of heel can transform your look.

Big and Slouchy Bags for all Occasions

We get how comfortable it is for you to carry a big and bulky bag to bring all of your essentials for the day. But, there are events when the bigger is not the better. 

If you’re going to a party, a formal event or maybe just a nice date at a fancy restaurant, choose a small handbag to go with your outfit. A small clutch is a perfect choice for such occasions. 

Wrinkled Clothes

Wrinkled pieces are such a turn-off especially if you’re attending a meeting and a formal event. Unless the materials used are meant to look wrinkled, grab your handy-dandy clothes iron and work on your magic to straighten those lines.

There you have it! Some of the most common fashion choices that make your OOTD look cheap and unattractive. Now that you know some of the best tips to turn your wardrobe upside, it’s time to dress up and flaunt the fashionista in you with your custom bandana! Got more ideas that you think needs to be in the list? Let us know by writing your thoughts on the comment section down below!

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