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Where to Find Top Meat Wholesalers & Wholesale Butchers In Melbourne

We could all do with some money saving tips on how to reduce our household expenses. However – what some consumers may not realize is that there are a number of options when purchasing essential groceries for the home. One of the best ways to save significant amounts of money is to purchase those essentials from a wholesale distributor. This approach is even applicable to various types and cuts of meat.

Many consumers are aware that restaurants and grocery chains buy their meat in bulk from wholesale suppliers. However, those same consumers are not always aware that wholesale butcheries actually do a roaring trade with members of the public – you simply walk in (or order online) – and your produce is either deliv-ered or can be seen and purchased at the wholesale outlets. The process is simple and you save a significant amount of money when compared to purchasing from a grocery store or supermarket.

Those who live in Melbourne, Australia are lucky enough to be within reach of many quality wholesale meat distributors. The trick is to find not only the best prices – but also a supplier who will have a fresh and varied stock of high-quality meat products.

Here are some wholesale meat suppliers and butcheries that have built an envia-ble reputation for quality and excellent customer service.

1. Tip top Butchers.

this family-owned operation has been around for 50 years – and supplies some of Melbourne’s top dining spots. Their commitment to quality is of the highest standard due to the advanced refrigeration facilities ate their plant in Victoria. Standards are maintained due to their professional buyers who source only from trusted suppliers. Their range offers exceptional choice.

Consumers can visit their Laverton or Eltham retail outlets to get great deals on Wagyu beef, Australian Grass Fed Angus as well as other prime cuts of meat. they also have an extensive range of convenience products such as sausages and burger patties. There is also an extensive stock of poultry, pork, veal, game and seafood. They offer great specials for those who sign up for their regular updates on their site. They also offer a delivery service.

2. Online Butchers Melbourne.

You can find good online butchers in Melbourne, check Melbourne meat merchant for example. Another company that offers regular exceptional deals and a sign-up option for their newsletter. They claim to offer product lines that will save consumers up to 70% on selected items. Their ‘Family packs’ are ideal for those who want a budget-busting solution to sourcing high-quality meats.

Their barbecue packs are also a no fuss and value for money option for entertain-ing. A full range of lamb, beef, pork, sausage, game products and mince are also available for delivery. User reviews are almost uniformly positive with special praise about their restaurant quality produce and 24-hour delivery service (which is free for orders over $100). Ordering on the website is a no-fuss process with an extensive listing of available products. payment is via Mastercard or Visa. The website address is

3. Ralph’s Meat Company.

Another family-owned Melbourne wholesale meat supplier that has a long histo-ry – being established in 1908. The company specializes in Australian Grass Fed Beef – more specifically premium Goulbourn Valley Beef which is sourced from Victoria. The meat is provided by Angus, Hereford and Murray Grey cattle and is highly regarded for both flavor and tenderness – which is a direct result of the pristine environment where the cattle are farmed. Such is the quality of this Beef that it has found a ready international market.

A wide range of products can be found at the South Melbourne Market outlet. The consumer will be able to purchase veal, the highly regarded cuts of beef, as well as mutton and goat. Both bone-in and boneless products are available. Bulk packs are also part and parcel of Ralph’s offering and offer exceptional value.

4. PJ Meats.

Offering pre-packed and vacuum packed beef, lamb and veal this company has been around since 1986. A wide variety of cuts are offered for online purchase and delivery. For orders over $200 delivery is free. Alternatively, orders can be collected at their shop.

Saving money on meat purchases is as easy as doing some simple research. The quality of meats supplied by Melbourne wholesale outlets is impressive – and customer service is a priority. So start saving now.