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5 Daily Accessories Every Office Junkie Should Own

Being dedicated to your work is a difficult task. You maintain a certain kind of energy level that must not decline until you get home. Or when you can’t do something for the day, you tend to stay up late at home to finish it. And at the end of the week, your saved energy will go nowhere but on your bed. It’s not a good idea to slack off on the weekend, thinking you deserve some fun, right?

With these situations, it all boils down to getting fit in the workplace. Let’s admit it – we all want to avoid burnout so that we can work more and perhaps enjoy a little bit. So if you’re working non-stop and wanting a bit of discipline, you might need some reinforcements. So, here are the top five accessories that you’ll need to be healthy in the office:

1. Watch

In the corporate world, a watch is a must-needed accessory. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to do tasks. And you know how this ends when things don’t get accomplished for the day. Also, being able to observe your vitals every few hours can be done with a timepiece. To dodge exhaustion, you need to set up time whether you need a power nap or a cup of coffee.

Timepieces from the Hamilton Khaki Field collection are the best options for a busy day. These watches are made for rugged activities, giving you the freedom of mobility. So if you’re on the run for that critical client meeting, then this piece can pump up your time management. They are also available in stylish camouflage and velvety leather straps. How cool is that?

2. Airpods

These wireless Bluetooth earbuds are your best bets when you want to silence. These bad boys have a noise-canceling feature that allows you to focus when the office gets busy. Remember when you want to suggest something, but you can’t say it because of an interruption? Well, if you’re wearing these on perfect timing, then you are ready for some brainstorming.

Airpods can also be helpful when it comes to time management. You can incorporate your alarm whenever you need a break. Or, you can ring yourself back to work and prevent overused resting. This can come clean between you and your boss now.

3. Shoe Gel Cushions

These jelly add-ons under your feet are incredible for mobile tasks. Gel cushions are made from silicone, allowing your feet to relax while walking. And since formal shoes and heels are used in offices, your heels can get blisters and muscle pain at some point. So, putting a couple of these insoles can get you active on your feet throughout the day.

4. Pocket Pen

If you’re into the traditional way of task-checking, then a pocket pen can be your best buddy. You don’t want to look on your phone notes all day, because you’ll be tempted to use it for another reason. What you would want is to make a list on a small piece of paper and stick it on your desk. This way, you’ll be able to do more than just browsing through your phone.

In that list, you can include your “work” goals and “health” goals for the day. “Health” goals are composed of activities like rehydrating, resting, and checking your vitals. You can make it like a separate bucket list so that you’ll enjoy crushing out each event. And if you’ll also make this a habit, you’ll do more things and save your time for the weekend. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

5. Steel Water Bottles

Keep yourself hydrated. You cannot keep on drinking coffee all day, because it might affect your metabolism. That’s why investing in a little container can save you the misery. Vacuum containers like Hydroflask are go-to’s when it comes to water bottles. Their minimalist concepts are perfect insulators for ice-cold water (calming your office dilemmas).


A little discipline can lead you on a long way. With these accessories, you’ll be able to finish your tasks in no time. You’ll be able to maintain a physique that every eager beaver needs. And with having a healthier body, well, it depends on how you treat yourself at the end of this week.