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How to Take Care of Your White Kitchen Faucet?

Buying a kitchen faucet can be adventurous experience for you because you have to be particular about what you want and what you don’t. Like many others, you may have opted for a white chrome faucet finish as you know it is a statement maker. It is bound to stand out from the rest of the things in your space. Then, it can seem to be an affordable choice, too, compared to other options. From the ease of cleaning to durability, there are lots of factors that you can perhaps associate with this choice. Hence, considering all this, there is no doubt that you may hurry to buy one soon.

That’s the right decision for sure. If you can’t wait for the options in this finish, explore the range of white kitchen faucets by Kraus. You can encounter a perfect fit for your needs. However, with white/ chrome finish, fingerprints and smudges can be a challenge. You may have to practice a bit of diligence there to keep it fresh and shiny looking. If this feels like a pressure, then shun all your worries.

Every finish requires some amount of care. So, it doesn’t matter what you select. To make sure your white faucet stays in its pristine condition every time, you can follow a few maintenance and cleaning steps as advised below.

Tips for cleaning white kitchen faucets

Kitchen faucets can quickly turn grimy and spotted due to heavy use. Then, they have to bear all types of hot and cold things in addition to oily droplets. Due to this, you have to clean them frequently. And if it is a white finish, then it becomes all the more necessary to keep it stain-free. Otherwise, the color known for its purity and charm may no longer garner the kind of attention it used to get. So, before you buy one for your cooking area, let’s learn about the ways to maintain it properly.

Things required for cleaning

You need to have a wet and dry cloth each along with vinegar, gentle soap, non-abrasive cleaner, etc. These items you would require
irrespective of the type of faucet you opt for in your kitchen. Since you can get them from a nearby store anytime, you don’t have to bother if they will be readily available or not.

The faucet cleaning process

Before proceeding, it is worth noting that many sellers provide cleaning guidelines to their customers about a specific finish. You can refer to them also for some quick knowledge. Anyway, it is time to focus on the necessary maintenance steps.

As far as the primary cleaning rules go, you can use mild dish wash and water on the surface. Once you have rubbed it gently with a soft wet cloth, you can take a dry rag to keep it shining. The whiteness of the faucet will become free of blemishes.

However, if that doesn’t work, you can resort to white vinegar. You would need a mixture of vinegar and water in the same proportions and a cleaning cloth to eradicate all the spots and stains. As such, the white finish should not get hampered by this. You can still test a small amount of the mixture on its little, hidden corner to understand its effect. If you find it safe, then only follow this method. Or, you can check the seller’s instructions also to be sure.

When you are cleaning your white kitchen faucet, don’t just focus on its spout or the neck. The edges also deserve special attention because they catch maximum dirt. For this, you can pay attention to the area where the sink and faucet converge. You can apply soap water or plain water to remove grime from there. And if you have an old toothbrush with a soft bristle, you can take advantage of that as a tool.

Just don’t scrub it. Make sure you move your brush with care. As soon as the cleaning part is over, you can pat dry the surface with a soft cloth.

Other than the edges, you also have to be careful about the drain area of your faucet. It also requires a bit of attention when it comes to cleaning. Here too, you can use a non-abrasive product to get rid of all the unwanted elements. And as said, you can always test your cleaning solution in a hidden corner of the faucet first to assess your choice. You got to be more careful because it is a white finish and any accidental scratching or scuffing can ruin its elegance.

Some homeowners use mild surface or glass cleaners on their white kitchen faucet. If you want, you can also try the same trick. However, it is always better to be on your guards, especially when you have made a strong yet delicate choice like this.

According to experts, kitchen faucets require daily care as they have to do so many things in a single day. So, when you buy something like
a white finish, you have to be more particular about your kitchen habits. For the safety and security of your investment, you can check trusted stores that specialize in kitchen and bathroom fittings as well as accessories. They can give you excellent choices and product assurance. At the same time, you can expect them to provide a warranty period due to which you can rush back to them if you face any issue with your new purchase.

Make sure you read their product details and terms and conditions thoroughly. As such, branded stores tend to be conscious of their reputation in the market. Hence, they will not do anything that could disappoint their customers.

So, how are you planning to match your white finish faucet with your kitchen’s interior theme? White can blend with any design and decoration effortlessly. It can give a fantastic company to even most of the sink types also. Hence, don’t worry much. Just check what options are available in the market and choose the one that meets your interests. You may, however, have to take a call on the style or design of your faucet – pull-down or pull-out.