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How to Style Your Bed for Design & Comfort

In the quest to make homes cozier, 20% more people use their money and time to renovate and redesign. People want their homes to reflect who they are: refined, beautiful individuals. That’s why elegant bedrooms are important when remodeling a space—and one essential part of an elegant bedroom is sateen bedding.

Sateen bedding provides a tranquil sleeping environment while adding sophistication and tidiness. It’s a minor change that has a tremendous impact on room design. Keep reading for more tips on how adding organic cotton bedding can transform the way an entire bedroom feels.

Organic Sateen Bedding for a Silky Smooth Touch

While regular sheets from a furniture store can get the job done, nothing compares to the baby-smooth feel of organic cotton sateen bedding. Sateen sheets are made from long-fiber cotton fibers, which creates a silky feeling that department store bedding simply can’t match. The result is a high-quality linen set that will last years and maintain its softness through countless washes.

Organic bedding is also naturally hypoallergenic and breathable, making it a smart choice for people with sensitive skin or those who suffer from allergies. And because organic sateen sheets come in a variety of colors and patterns, you can find the perfect look to make your bedroom more refined.

Elevate Your Comforter With Shams

Shams are a great way to style your bed without having to compromise on an already-established color scheme. Whether you want to add some fun or just bring the rest of your room together, sateen shams are a smart way to do both.

Not sure how to style shams on top of the covers? Here are some ways:

  • Create color blocks by placing multiple shams side by side with different hues and patterns
  • Use them as an accent piece over a colorful bedspread or duvet cover
  • Add patterned shams that match other items in the room to create continuity

Complete Your Bed With a Beautiful Coverlet

Coverlets are a lightweight bedding option that creates a room-defining statement. They’re perfect for the summer months, as they can add a layer of warmth without making you sweat all night. A coverlet can also be an accent piece that provides a finishing touch on your bed.

It’s the perfect way to bring texture, color, and pattern into your bedroom without having to commit to a full comforter set.

Make Your Bed Elegant and Warm

A good way to make your bedroom look inviting is by filling it with things you like. A room that feels cozy and welcoming will encourage you to spend more time at home, which is exactly what you want. Adding sateen bedding can make an enormous difference in the comfort of your space, especially if you have an older mattress that feels less soft than it did a few months ago.

To add warmth and elegance to your bed, browse our organic sateen bedding collection. The smooth, silky fabric is comfortable against your skin while also being exceptionally durable and easy to care for.