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The 4 Best Painters near Tampa FL

Whether you are refreshing your bedroom walls or looking to revamp your kitchen cabinets, professional painters are here to help.

When hiring a professional painter for interior or exterior painting projects, you must take time and care when selecting one. Selecting an experienced contractor will help ensure that your next project meets with high-quality standards and is completed to your expectations.

Start your search for quality painters by posting the job requirements you are seeking on social media and seeking referrals from family and friends. Include details such as project size, whether applying paint to an entire room, repainting one door or small accent walls, wallpapering or ceiling painting needs, etc.

Once you’ve obtained some referrals, use online sources like Yelp, Angie’s List, or Google Reviews to investigate each contractor and view pictures from past projects. Look for painting contractors with experience working on anything from residential to commercial jobs.

When reviewing an estimate, pay special attention to both direct and indirect costs. Direct costs refer to materials and labor needed for completion while indirect costs include things such as the painter’s monthly payment on equipment, work truck, or overhead expenses. Understanding these two categories of expenses will allow you to assess a painter’s pricing model more clearly and eliminate any surprises.

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the top painters in Tampa, Florida.

1. Brothers Colors Painting of Tampa

Brothers Colors Painting of Tampa is an invaluable service worth keeping on your radar if you’re in search of a reliable color decor company.

Their team of painters is experienced and capable, providing services such as interior and exterior painting as well as staining; deck and siding repair/replacement as well as wallpaper installation/removal. You can visit for a complete list of services. Hiring a company that can perform multiple services can help make your home improvement project easy.

Brothers Colors Painting of Tampa

100 Ashley Dr S #600, Tampa, FL 33602

(813) 515-2055

Brothers Colors stands out from its competition with its competitive prices and exceptional customer service. A family-owned and operated business serving Tampa and its surroundings, its team of expert painters can turn any room into a work of art with just a few brushstrokes.

2. Richard Libert Painting

Richard Libert Painting offers interior and exterior painting solutions. Their professional painters boast over three decades of experience and can complete projects of any size with high-grade materials to ensure customer satisfaction.

Additionally, Richard Libert Painting also provides wallpaper removal, cabinet refinishing services, pressure washing solutions, as well as repair of damaged drywall surfaces. You can visit this site to learn more about pressure washing.

Painters from this company are certified, experienced painters capable of handling both interior and exterior painting tasks, from interior re-paints to ceiling painting jobs and power washing; as well as performing drywall repairs, staining decks, or installing wrought iron coating. Furthermore, they use Sherwin-Williams products and are licensed and insured.

Richard Libert Painting has been serving both residential and commercial clients since 2002, with their experienced painters handling projects for both types of clients. Their services offer free quotes and detailed prep schedules with lifetime warranties on every job completed – plus color consultation services as well.

3. Rays UP Painting Inc.

Rays UP Painting Inc. stands out among Florida home contractors as one of the premier professionals. They offer interior and exterior painting services, as well as drywall and stucco repair, pressure washing, and wood staining.

Their professional painters use ticketed and trade-qualified journeyman painters, along with Hi-Line painting products to ensure high-quality work, including offering warranties against chipping, flaking, and excessive fading for all their projects.

Professional painters at Rays UP Painting will give your house or business the facelift it needs, increasing both the curb appeal and value of its property.

Their team will prepare the area before painting by covering outdoor furniture, removing screens and shutters, cleaning windows and doors, and applying caulking where necessary; as well as replacing soffits, fascia, and rotting trim as necessary and offering free estimates and competitive pricing.

4. Straight Line Painting

Paint can transform the appearance of any space, reflect an individual’s style and personality, increase home value, and revitalize outdated areas.

A professional painter can quickly and efficiently complete both interior and exterior decoration projects using high-quality materials to achieve an even finish while using their expertise to repair cracks or water damage and even stain or refinish wooden decks or fences if necessary.

Straight Line Painting offers exterior painting services to residential homes, office buildings, warehouses, and shopping centers in the Tampa area. Their technicians clean surfaces before painting begins and protect fixtures from paint splatters with plastic sheeting or covers.

In addition, they repair drywall as needed. You can click to learn more about simple drywall repair. These pros are licensed and insured for work in the Tampa area.

Home exteriors are painted using both oil-based and latex paints for durable finishes, while interior painting services span from kitchen, living room, and bedroom projects to outdoor gazebos, pergolas, and patios.