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How to Make Your Regular Glasses a Fashion Accessory

Gone are the days when eyeglasses were simple and boring. Now they are considered the biggest fashion accessory of all time. But why the sudden rising interest in the use of these eyeglasses? Well, eyeglasses have always been a part of fashion. However, now they are an essential part of the wardrobe. Not only do they enhance your facial features, they can also highlight or complement your outfit. You can also use some stylish or unique glasses to make your own style statement! Many people match glasses with their outfits or go for animal prints, colorful motif prints, etc. But what if the glasses you wear are not sunglasses but prescription glasses? How do you make your prescription glasses become the style statement of your outfit? Let us look at some tips to choose the right frames, designs, and colors to make your prescription glasses the highlight of your look.

Choose Softer or Brighter Colors

The best way to highlight your face is to put on some colorful eyewear! Bright bold colors can make your eyes pop and bring attention to your face. They can complement your outfit and help you complete the look. But if you’re not a fan of bold colors, you can also go for softer shades that are not as eye-catching. While softer shades may not draw attention to themselves, they too can complement your outfit. Soft shades can also give your face a soft, fresh, and feminine look. Some trustworthy online sites like offer a huge collection of frames that makes choosing the right colors so easy!

Go for Contrasting Colors or Frames

Sometimes, going for matching colors can bring down your look instead of highlighting it. In such cases, opting for contrasting shades is a better option. When you choose contrasting frames, make sure to choose the right design that suits your face. Contrast colors bring attention to your face and highlight it. Hence, having a frame design that suits and complements your face structure can make you look more polished and chic. Another factor can be the type of material you use for the frames. Metal frames look good in bright and bold colors like gold, silver, jewel tones, dark colors, etc. Similarly, frames made of plastic, acetate, or other materials can look good in any color but are best in soft and pastel shades.

Try Patterned Frames

If you’re game for something bold, you can also try patterned glasses. Patterned glasses have different colorful patterns and print designs on the temples of the glasses. These print designs can be some colorful motifs, mandala designs, animal prints, geometric designs, etc. These beautiful prints in bold designs and colors can completely change your look. They can also highlight and enhance some of your outfits in the best way. There are many different styles, prints, colors, and designs available in patterned glasses. All you need to do is find the right match for your eyes!

Raise the Bar with  Different Designs

Sometimes, simply using different colors or patterns is not enough. If you want something dramatic that leaves an impression, you should choose a stylish design for your frame. You can choose from different frame types like full-rim frames, semi-rimmed frames, rimless frames, low-bridge frames, wire frames, etc. The standard frame designs are rectangle, square, and round frames. However, if you want something different, you can also choose distinctive shapes like oval frames, hexagon frames, aviator style, wayfarer style, cat eye frames, butterfly frames, etc. If you’re not afraid of experimenting, these stylish shapes can easily enhance your features and uplift your looks.

Most people think that going for style means compromising on comfort. But that’s not true with these modern eyewear trends. Now, you can go for the most stylish and chic frames which are as comfortable and lightweight as the simple and standard eyeglasses of the past!