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Kids Room Updates the Whole Family Will Love

Kids likes and dislikes can change at the drop of a hat. Your little boy can be into monster trucks on Monday but by Friday, he can’t get enough of superheroes. With so many cool characters, toys, games, shows and more, who can blame them? Outfitting a kids’ room through all of these phases can be expensive and well, frustrating. Luckily, we have some kids’ room ideas that will let them express their current interests and allow you to smoothly transition into the next one when the time comes.

Where to begin with the room revamp

Typically, the first thing that comes to mind when renewing a room is painting it. To ensure your kid’s room will last through whatever trend they’re into, keep walls neutral so you can adjust over time. This article offers a helpful tip when considering wall possibilities. Visit a home improvement store online or at a location near you and browse easy apply wallpaper options. There are many kid friendly varieties out there that feature fun animal designs, geometric prints, and popular tv show and movie characters. What’s great is the wallpaper can easily be removed so there’s no need mess, no stress!

Next, get furniture that will last longer than that hit song

The name of the game here is to keep it simple. Retailers know how to grab kid’s attention even when it comes to bedroom furniture. Sure, you can buy a bedroom set that is completely covered in cartoon characters but in the long run, is that such a good idea? For basics like a bed, dresser and something to house all of the toys, stuffed animals, and books, a good place to search for kid’s furniture is Amazon or Walmart. Whether you’re looking for furniture pieces for a 3-year-old or 8-year-old, you can find the best options for their room when you filter by age range or material.

Working with a smaller room? These retailers also offer some cool furniture combinations like bookshelves with a built-in reading nook, storage beds, and multi-bin organizers that come in a variety of colors and styles.

Lastly, display what your kid loves with lively décor

Now comes the fun part. Get your child involved and ask for his or her input on whimsical lamps, plush rugs, and cool wall art. You can find some fantastic deals on room accessories at places like At Home, Target, and H&M. Don’t underestimate how much personality can be expressed in functional items like bedsheets, accent pillows for kids, wall hooks, and curtains.

What’s more, take the time to incorporate your kids’ achievements, artwork, and more into their room. While you may have positive notes from teachers or holiday art projects on your refrigerator, it’s important for your kid to feel proud of their own creations. For instance, if your child is a budding artist, place one or two of their drawings into some ornate picture frames and hang on the wall. Or, if your child is into building and fixing things, redeem that Lowes gift card for some hands on Build and Grow project kits. Not only will they build their own racecar or birdhouse, but they can show off their craftsmanship when they display it on their bookshelf or bedside table.

In short, transforming your child’s room doesn’t have to be an extensive project every year. Begin with a good wall color base, add some solid furniture pieces, and don’t forget to sprinkle in some fun accents. Don’t be surprised when more and more of your child’s friends start asking to come over and play.