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6 Ways to Style Floral Curtains

No matter the season, the region, or the space, floral curtains find a way to always look good. That’s due to the wide array of floral patterns to choose from, not to mention style choices that go beyond colors and designs themselves.

Floral curtains are a go-to for a reason, and it’s easy to see why. But aside from picking a pattern, how can you style these curtains in a thoughtful way for the room? That takes some more planning and a bit of insight.

Let’s look at six simple ways to get more from your floral curtains and use this classic pattern to enhance your space to the fullest.

1. Consider Size and Shape

There is an art to styling floral curtains, plus a bit of math. After you’ve chosen your pattern, it’s time to make those precise measurements and frame those windows to perfection.

This means calculating the exact amount of fabric you’ll need for your setting, while accounting for factors like bunching, pooling (excess fabric on the ground), and practical matters such as light and sound from outside.

Patterns are key, but remember to frame wisely and earn big style points.

While it may be tempting to go all out with a bold pattern and size, the best way to style floral curtains is by keeping it simple. Most floral curtains are in the 50-inch width and 72-inch length range, which means that they’re made for standard windows. 

But if you have an oddly sized window or a particularly large one, you can always buy multiple panels of varying sizes and hang them together to create a unique look. If you have a larger window than usual, we recommend using two or three panels instead of just one.

2. Hang the Right Hardware

We don’t usually think about how our curtains are hung above our windows. Seems like an afterthought, right? 

But as it turns out, your choice of hardware has a big impact on the overall style of the setting.

Whether you choose rings, rods, a fancy fixture, or a detailed movement mechanism, the look and feel of that hardware make a major difference. Whatever you do, just don’t leave this component up to chance. Be deliberate in all your style choices!

Floral patterns tend to match better with minimal hardware like rings or a solid, rounded rod, but it’s your call for size, placement, and other key variables.

3. Infuse More Color (and Light)

Color is key with curtains of all kinds, especially floral prints. The classics like sky blues, navies, and neutral greens are always available, but why not think outside the box? 

Lately, we’re seeing more lavender and canary yellow colors coming into the fold, complete with all your favorite floral schemes embedded within. We’re also loving floral prints that look less “busy” and use more negative space between the design blocks. 

Curtains are the ultimate canvas, after all, so there’s no reason to limit yourself in terms of patterns and colors. There’s always something new out there, so embrace that curiosity!

Also, think about how those curtains will appear from every angle, at all times of the day. Light is often an overlooked factor in DIY interior design. Curtains may look quite different depending on the quantity and angle of natural light, and this has an outcome on style and perception.

4. Featured Furnishings

Your curtains are just one piece of a much bigger interior design equation. Furniture, wallpaper, and other home decor elements make a difference in your those floral prints will be perceived as they hang and frame your windows.

Therefore, remember to look beyond the actual window and the immediate surroundings. Is there a chair or shelf that could complement your floral curtains to perfection? Might there be a certain floor lamp that casts beautiful light from below?

Your furniture is not only functional, but should also bring out the best in your curtains, and vice versa. After all, this is a living space that will be the setting of your entire life, so use everything to your advantage.

5. Add Some Accessories

Not every aspect of your interior design needs a practical purpose. Floral patterns aren’t necessary by any stretch – we just love the way they look! The same thing goes for other accouterments and add-ons in your space that can bring more spice to the environment.

What better way to bring out a floral curtain design than with real flowers or house plants nearby? You can also work in some throw pillows, rugs, or blankets that feature complementary patterns. Enjoy those flowers wherever you look!

Don’t forget artwork, which can be placed strategically in a room to match the color of the walls, the curtains, and every other element.

6. Smooth, Polish, and Maintain

Those flowery curtains are going to draw glances from inside and out of the house, so keep them in pristine condition to maximize style. 

This means steaming, pressing, and generally maintaining those curtains at least a few times every year.

Flowers are best when fresh, and so are curtains! Treat them well and you’ll see the difference whenever you step into the room.

Bring Your Space to Life with Floral Patterns

The sheer variety of floral curtain patterns is astounding, so start your search today. With these styling tips, you can create a custom build that matches your space and lifestyle. 

Floral curtains are a great way to add a pop of color and style to your home, but they can be tricky to style if you don’t know what you’re doing. With these tips, though, you’ll be making your own floral curtains in no time—and looking good while doing it!

We hope we’ve been able to help you figure out how to style your floral curtains! We’re so excited to hear what you think of the options we’ve given you, and we can’t wait to see your own ideas come to life

Whether you’re looking for a dramatic look or something that’s more subtle, there are plenty of ways you can use these tips to bring some beauty into your home. Remember: the best part of decorating is making it your own!

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