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Top 3 Timeless Superhero Hairstyles

Comics magazines and movies are full of otherworldly characters that inspire generations of children and adults to fight the good fight and fulfill their wildest dreams by believing in themselves. But superheroes can also make fashion statements and bring on trends. Just take a peek at our short list and see for yourself!

You can try on a timeless superhero hairstyle for a change! Whether you want to show your love for the story or just trying to have some fun with your hair, these fantastic hairdos will help you have a super-human look. 

And we could sure use some super energy to overcome the challenges that this new year brings!

1. Wolverine Inspired Hairstyle

Hugh Jackman had a great impact on building the character’s popularity. He seemed to be a perfect fit for the role. The most charismatic superhero of the Marvel series also sports a very distinctive appearance. 

The great news is that Wolverine’s look can be easily recreated with a cool mix between Flattop and Boogie retro haircuts. This combination will make your hair resemble the spiky, messy up-swept hairstyle of the character. 

It might be worth considering growing a beard if you want to bring your look closer to Wolverine. But feel free to adapt it to your taste and features. This sleek hairdo is a great place to start, but you can put your unique twist on it. 

2. Thor Inspired Hairstyle

This look is probably the easiest to replicate and it has a very modern, fresh allure that will make you appear younger. Short, chopped hair can be cool when you want to erase years off your face. 

Chris Hemsworth was the lucky guy who got to portray the Thunder God in the Avengers Series. It was a character that skyrocketed the actor’s career. Thor can be easily recognized not only by his awesome costume but also by the signature sidelines on his left temple. All of the above added up to a memorable appearance that was quite appealing particularly for female fans all over the world. 

If you want to achieve this look, you will need to obtain a side pattern and chop off a textured crop of approximately 3 inches. You can style the hairdo using matte clay or hair pomade. This will make the strands stay spiky throughout the day. Check out these Chris Hemsworth haircuts for more inspiration. Although it might seem easy to add those two sidelines, it is best to ask your barber to handle this part. 

3. Superman Inspired Hairstyle

Superman is one of the most respected superheroes ever, he impressed generations with his incredible willpower, amazing powers, and gentle nature. This Kryptonian is the boss when it comes to flaunting a shiny, sleek top with a wavy front quiff. It is a great hairstyle choice for those of you who want to leave a preppy modern look behind and go more retro. 

If you decide to take this on, ask your barber for short, shaved sides and a long flowy top that you will comb-over and fix with hair spray. To obtain the exact hairdo let the sideburns reach the ear lobes and shave the beard completely. You can ask your barber from the best barber shop San Diego.

Bring Your Inner Superhero to Life

Since we have to wear a mask most of the time, we have to be more creative when expressing ourselves and find new ways to get our statement across. We hope you have found some valuable inspiration from the hairstyles above and feel empowered to try something new. Molding yourself in a superhero’s image might just awaken your own superpowers!