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Street fashion style# 3

A trend in clothing wear that has been spreading lately like wildfire around the country is called urban street wear. If you are a young adult looking for a way to look cool in front of your friends and the ladies than you have to stay on top of what the others are wearing out on the streets. There are many different types of clothing worn by people in the big cities but urban fashion is different so here are some of womens urban fashion styles to saw you.

A fancy take

A fuzzy red two-piece looked totally chic.

A gingham dress that's right on trend.

A jumpsuit was finished off with a complementing topper.

A mixed-print master strolled the streets.

A perfect purple twirl.

A plaid that definitely didn't feel boring.

A tartan jumpsuit looks chic with a pair of heels.

A twirl that was topped with pearls and finished with high-tops.

A warm tonal moment.

Aimee Song was bright and ladylike.

An off-the-shoulder look so stunning, it doesn't even need a bright color.

Colorblocking sisters.

Cool-girl boho vibes only.

Feathers and leather and a fedora, too.

Florals that were made to be in the same sartorial garden.

Friends in full skirts.

Halloween-punk with a '90s touch.

It's all 3D.

Loose, casual, and all about the Nike kicks.

marches to the beat of her own Chanel drum.

Nothing goes better under a mint suit than a sporty crop top.

Orange and black don't feel too Halloween at all.

Oversize overalls were tied down with a chic scarf, loafers, and funky sunglasses.

The sandals make the look

These boots are made to be your outfit's focal point.

This look is proof that your neutrals can make for a pretty solid ensemble.

Totally voguing.

yellow and blue pairing

Your answer to making fancy dresses look casual, in one photo.