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4 Tips for Protecting Newborn’s Skin

Your newborn is home, and you are trying to settle into your new routine. Keeping your newborn nourished and warm is top of your list. And baby’s skincare is equally important.

We all know a newborn’s immune system is delicate, and so is the baby’s skin. There can be rashes on baby skin due to several items, including fragrances, chemicals, baby products, detergents, and others. They can cause skin dryness, rashes, chafing, and irritation. There are hundreds of things that you can do to protect your newborn’s skin from these skin conditions.

So you can use the below guide to make sure your newborn’s skin stays healthy and smooth.

1. Limit Your Newborn’s Time on Sun

The first thing you need to do for your baby’s healthy skin is limit your newborn’s time in the sun. Avoid exposing their skin when you are out with your baby, even if it is winter. Don’t go to the sunscreens for your newborns until they are six months of age. Instead, doctors recommend the following things:

  • Try to keep your newborns in shades
  • Dress your newborns in lightweight and loose-fitting clothes that cover their legs and arms
  • Limit sun exposure when UV rays are strong
  • Try to keep your newborn hydrated

2. Be Mindful of Atopic and Dry Skin

Not all newborns need to have applied moisturizer. It is normal for a newborn to have small patches of dry skin sometimes after coming home. These dry patches often go away within a few days on their own. But if you find these patches are turning into red spots, it could be the sign of atopic dermatitis. This is a skin condition that can make your skin itchy and red. It is common in children and can occur at any age. So if you notice this skin condition, you must go to a doctor or get atopic skin treatments with Bioderma.

3. Watch for Your Baby’s Nail Growth

Even though your newborn’s nails are thin and small, they still can be sharp. Sharp or long nails can cause scratches on the body and face. So it is always a good idea to keep a good eye on how your child’s nails are growing. Make sure to trim your baby’s nail once a week. For this, you can use non-metal nail files to shorten or smooth your baby’s nails.

4. Take Care of Umbilical Cord

When you bring your newborn home, the umbilical cord will still be attached. You must keep that belly button area as dry and clean as possible until the cord falls off in about two to three weeks. Don’t try to cut or pull the cord to fall off. Umbilical cord will come out on its own. But if you notice any dryness or infection then you should call your baby’s doctor.

Don’t ignore if you notice following things:

  • Bleeding
  • High fever
  • Swelling or redness
  • Pus
  • Filthy smelling discharge

In short, skin is the most important body organ, so it is always important to take care of your newborn’s skin. Try to keep the baby’s skin clean, out of the sun, and dry. Newborns are prone to different skin conditions in the first years of life so make sure to take care of it.

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