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How can Penis Traction boost your relationship?

Having a healthy sex life is an integral part of any relationship. But, when you and your partner are struggling to reach new heights of sexual pleasure. The number one reason for destitute sex life is the lack of a good erection. And if you think that only worth something when you have a big penis, you are not alone. It is a common belief in our society. (In fact, it’s a belief that the penis extender industry capitalizes on in their advertising.) However, while this belief may be trivial, it is also very destructive. For example, a man with this belief will often find it very difficult to maintain an erection because he is steadily worried about his penis size. It can be challenging to communicate with each other about your needs and desires. So, how do you break the ice? One way is to use penis traction devices together. Penis traction devices are a type of penis extender, which are devices designed to extend the length of the penis. Usually, these devices work by applying a continuing, light actuation force on the phallus that causes new cells to grow, which successively will increase the length and girth of the phallus. Penis traction devices are typically worn for several hours each day and shown to cause significant increases in the penis. You can visit the Male Edge – the most trusted platform to buy the penis traction device or penis extender. 

Would it improve the appearance of your penis?

Indeed, the medical indication to lengthen and thicken the penis is exceptional; it only occurs in a few real micropenis cases or as sequelae of amputations due to tumors or accidents.

But it is no less accurate to say that like many women want to improve their appearance, increasing the volume of their breasts, removing wrinkles, or reducing their hips, men can do it with their penis. It is exceptional for a penis to have a real problem in length or thickness that prevents a good sexual relationship. Many other factors include more psychological, at the root of pain, and the patient sometimes this to the size of his penis.

There are many ways to lengthen a few centimeters from traction devices, which work but require iron discipline in their use by the patient to surgery. Lengthening is carried out through the suspensory ligament section and, sometimes, with the implantation of patches on the shaft of the penis and subsequent placement of a prosthesis. It is done thickening by placing prosthetic materials inside the penis, under the skin.

How is the penis extender used?

For these two andrological entities, there are several treatment options, with better or worse results. In both standards, we find the application of the penis extender, the effect of which achieved by applying a traction force. It is a device anchored at the base of the penis and in the sub coronal groove (under the glans). Between both anchors, some arms join them and using which the traction provided. You should wear the device n an average of 5-6 hours for the benefits to be apparent.

Studies have managed to increase the size of the penis by 1 to 2 cm by using it daily for several months, and the effects persist after its cessation. In the Peyronie, the use of traction is to overcome the curvature for achieving an increase in the length of the penis. Use it in curvatures of less than 50 degrees and a stable phase (without pain or progression).