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14 Camera-Ready Rustic Wall Decor Ideas

Obviously, the chapattis flipped on a stove taste hot and delicious, but the flavour of a roti made on a rustic tandoor is something else. Obviously, a ceiling equipped with modern lighting is quite a luxury, but there is nothing which can replace the country style dimly lit classic yellow light bulbs. Simply speaking, the plain old rustic fashion is unmatchable and unsurpassable. A rustic style setting has its own giggly charm, subtle beauty and lots of calm. If you have been looking to turn your home decorations into such kind of style, here are 14 ideas for getting rustic-feeling walls in your house.


The style rustic goes synonymous with wood. The earthy light texture of wood also makes it a gorgeous choice for creating infinite number of wall decorations. Read below to get a picture of some of these beautiful ideas.

  • Wood Pallet Wall

If you have some old wood pallets in your house, well and good. If not, you can easily get them from a carpenter’s shop. Turn these differently sized pallets into a whole new wall by pasting and stacking them on one of the walls in your house. To do this, you will also find plenty of online tutorials on DIY wood panelling.

  • Abstract Wooden Wall Art

As an alternative to a full-fledged wood pallet wall, you can use the wood pieces from your storage to create an abstract wall artwork. Suppose if there are many triangular pieces, you can create a circular or a mandala art for your walls. If the pieces are in the form of rectangular planks, you can join them together for an old fashioned geometric visual.

  • Repurposed Wooden Frames

Be it an old window frame, a shutter or a rack base, it’s an interesting idea to use these as a decorative item for displaying on your walls. Support the frame on a wall shelf, and accentuate with foliage for a rustic look. If you have several small sized wooden frames, hang them all on the wall in random fashion. Complement each one of them with a mini wreath, preferably artificial greens.

  • Wooden Hoop Wreath Hanging

A wreath hanging like this comes in both forms, faux and real. Hang the wooden hoop at a wall enclosing your front door or on a wall standing in a dividing area, on the curtain wall or a wall adjacent to the window. If you’ve selected a tiny-sized hoop wreath, consider hanging them down on your kitchen walls with the help of a curtain rod.


When talking of wall decorations, shelves play a significant role. Especially if you want to keep the wall area plain and not add many hooks or bolts, a wall shelf is quite a convenient option. Read below to see how we can use various elements like candles, lighting, glass and panels to create stunning wall shelves!

  • Battery Operated White Candles

Get some antique style lanterns or wall mounted candle holders, and shove off some white-hued tealight or votive candles inside these. Consider some artistic brass-toned candlestick holders coming in ornate style scroll carvings. Not just they will give your entire house a cosy display but will also uplift your mood with its ethereal and romantic vibe.

  • Floating Shelves with a Shiplap Backdrop

If you don’t know about making a shiplap, consider watching some online tutorials or reading about how a shiplap is made. Once there’s a shiplap created on your wall, top up with a shelf or two. Place some lightweight display accessories on this wall mounted shelf. This may include a small square mirror, some books, old stationary items or vintage caskets.

  • Mason Jars Wall Hanging

Whether you prefer to purchase it from the market or whether you like to have it DIY style, a mason jar wall hanging is a timeless decoration for instilling some rustic vibes in a space. Use these glass jars as you like. You might want to use these as wall planters or simply, fill each of them with a string of fairy lights. Dazzling, isn’t it?


Many people consider rustic in terms of ‘less’ or ‘minimal’. However, this is not always the case. Using many small accessories in the right way can cast equally a rustic look as one large sized accessory. When it comes to a country style look, consider textures like shabbiness, chips & mirrors, and dusky shades along with lots of antique detailing.

  • Assorted Wall Gallery

Old black and white photographs, framed portraits, pegboards, woodcut geometric shapes, twigs and branches – pretty much any accessory will do which reflects to you a free, rustic style finish. Mix them up in a random fashion on one of your walls creating a rural style artisanal display.

  • Metal Toned Medallion

An eccentric idea. Buy an elaborately crafted medallion, and display it on the wall as the central decorative piece. Usually, these medallions are created for the purpose of ceiling decorations but showing them on the wall is not bad an idea too, what say?

  • A Picnic of Shabby Mirrors

All it takes to create a fully functional rustic feel is a conglomeration of shabbily framed mirrors. From a canvas collage of rectangular mirrors to a rustic style full length wall mirror, the mirrors are going to do the magic!

  • Schoolhouse Style Green Chalkboard

Nothing can compare to that old school green chalkboard and its fancy, classroom look. You can place this chalkboard in your kitchen wall, your kids’ room or at a wall in your dining room displaying some sign, message or names.

  • Giant Barn Wood Letters

From a set of ‘EAT’ letters in your kitchen walls to a wooden ‘LOVE’ placed in your bedroom, to some random characters, use some giant wood letters for sprinkling a homely barn feel through the walls of your house.


When there were no contemporary ornaments, there were plants and greenery. And therefore, going rustic plays along well with using lots of greenery in decorations. Here are a few exciting ideas on how to implement this.

  • Burlap Baskets with Greenery

Burlap baskets, by their look itself offer an unsophisticated rustic showcase. Display many such small-sized burlap baskets on your wall. As an add-on, you can fill them with artificial or dried greenery, or perhaps with some strands of faux rose flowers.

  • Galvanized Metal Wall Planters

Wall planters are commonly available in the market these days. From galvanized zinc planters to wrought iron baskets, many selections are there to choose from. Display these planters along the walls lining your staircases. They will also look beautiful when hung on an outdoor balcony wall.