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40% Rise in the Number of Indian Students in the UK

40% rise in the number of Indian students in the UK, What makes it a popular study abroad destination?

A sudden increase in the number of students moving to the UK has been witnessed in the year 2017-18. Approximately, 19,505 students have opted for the UK as a study abroad destination. The British MP’s are pressing hard to revive the Post-Study Work Visa in order to maintain the country’s position as an attractive higher education destination.

The number of Indian students moving towards the UK to pursue higher education has increased for the first time after almost a decade in the year 2017-18, with 19,505 students opting for the UK as a study abroad destination. The reason behind this sudden increase is the granting of Tier 4 (student) Visas to Indian students and the withdrawal of post-study work visa restrictions.

Data Source: UK Government Publications

The UK has begun to give a warm welcome to Indian students.

  • As per the statistical records, it is evident that a maximum of Indian students studying in the UK is pursuing their postgraduate degrees.
  • England has proven to be a favourable destination in the UK for Indian students.

Data Source: Higher Education Statistics Agency

  • Post Brexit, UK wants to increase the inflow of international students into its mainland.
  • According to a new policy planned to go for discussion by 2021, the international students will be allowed to stay for up to six months after completion of their graduate or postgraduate courses to find employment.
  • The study-work period will extend to one year for PhD students.
  • Students from the EU (European Union) will no longer have extra benefits in comparison to other international students.

UK – A favourable choice among Indian Students

UK universities have remained to be the top choice of Indian students. The dip in the number of students applying to UK universities was mainly because of the immigration policies of the UK and the work permits. But after resolving these issues, the students have again hovered back to their previous preferences. Let us analyse the reasons behind the UK being a prime choice of Indians.

Academic Recognition

A degree from any UK university can help you gain that respect and recognition which you think of, no matter in which corner of the world do you end up getting employed.

According to the QS World University Rankings 2020, 4 UK universities lie in the top 10 category with the University of Oxford being the best university in the UK. The UK universities education standards are set high, and that’s what they expect from their students. Thus, a full-time degree in any of the university will not only provide you with a solid foundation but will change your overall personality, making you meet the modern challenges.

Availability of a variety of Courses

No matter which course you decide to study, UK universities have ample opportunities for all students in all undergraduate and graduate degrees in varied fields. Students also have an option to combine courses in order to get a degree in their field of interest. Some of the popular courses among Indian students are medicine, business, natural sciences, law, and social sciences.

Few of the universities like Oxford and Cambridge are most talked upon, but there are numerous universities in the UK that offer an area of expertise in your preferred field.

Skills Enhancement

In this fast-paced world economy, employers demand a set of special skills from their employees that can help them sustain in the competitive world market. UK universities groom an individual in a manner that effective, critical, and creative thinking skills; all are embedded along with a good grasp on English.

Work Opportunities

The UK provides work opportunities to students both during course study and after completion of the course.

In the UK, a student is allowed to work part-time for up to 20 hours a week. And after completion of the degree, one is allowed to stay and work in the UK after completion of certain formalities (lifting of post-study work restrictions still under discussion in the UK Parliament).

Cross-cultural connection to EU

Getting an opportunity to study in the UK will not confine you to the boundaries of the region. Instead, while being in the UK, you can explore the entire EU as connectivity through public transport is much simpler and hassle-free from the UK to other europian nations. You can make use of any mode of transport and can travel around the EU.

Scholarships offered to Indian students

While you are planning to pursue a degree in the UK, you must be well aware of the expenditure that you will need to incur. Few of the well-known high-ranking universities in the UK have their own fees structure. Further, the cost depends on where are you planning to study in the UK.

S.No. Program Average Fees (in Euros)
1. Undergraduate Degree £6,000 to £9,000 per year
2. Post Graduate Degree £10,000 to £16,000 per year
3. Doctoral Degree £13,000 to £29,000 per year

Educational expenses can be cut down by applying for scholarships available for Indian students. The amount of money available through scholarships and the type of award depends upon the university and course you are applying for, along with the criteria upheld by the university to award scholarships as some universities include extracurricular activities along with academic performance.

Some of the popular scholarships you can apply for as an Indian student are:

Name of the Scholarship Amount of Scholarship
Chevening Scholarship Fully paid Education in the UK
Commonwealth Scholarship & Fellowship (Master’s Degree & PhD) Fully paid Education in the UK
Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships Fully-funded awards
GREAT Scholarships Full tuition scholarship
Inlaks Scholarships Tuition + Living allowance
Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships Worth £8000, towards tuition fees
The Rhodes Scholarships for India Fully paid education in the UK
British Council India 70th Anniversary Scholarships 2019–20 Full tuition fees only for master’s in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Hornby scholarships 2019 (University of Warwick) Funds all the costs in the UK including a monthly stipend to cover accommodation and living expenses, tuition fees, return air tickets, visa and approved language test costs.

While tuition fees compose the major part of your expenditure, accommodation, travel expenses, health benefits, add up to the total amount which may cost around £5,500 and £8,000 per year.
Most of the universities in the UK offer in-campus residential facilities in the name of Halls of Residence for international students. One can choose from this or self-catered houses on-campus or off-campus accommodation. The cost will vary from city to city and the type of accommodation you choose.

Student Visa Requirements

To study in the UK, one needs to apply for a student visa depending upon the age and the type of study one wants to pursue. Here’s a brief description of the types of student visas and the application requirements.

Type of Student Visa Eligibility When to apply
Tier 4 (General) student visa Students aged 16 and above; offered a seat in a UK educational institution. Three months before the beginning of the course.
Tier 4 (General) student visa Students who have been offered a seat in a UK educational institution with a valid Tier 4 sponsor. Three months before the beginning of the course.
Short-term study visa Students who have been offered a short-term course like a training course or an English language course at a UK educational institution. Three months before the date of travel to the UK.

In order to get a student visa, you will have to pay an amount of £348 as your visa fees.

Documents required for Tier 4 Student Visa

  • A travel documentation or passport.
  • Evidence of funds to cover expenses during the course term.
  • Evidence of proficiency in the English language through IELTS score.
  • Acceptance for Studies (CAS) reference number
  • Passport-sized color photographs
  • Assessment documentation

Studying in the UK is a life-changing experience as it is widely known for its culture, history, language, and innovation, outstanding quality of education and endless job opportunities.
Indian students comprise the second-largest group of students travelling to the UK for educational purposes. Now if there’s such a large number of migration from India, then for sure there will be relevant reasons for this, and an increase in this migration number is expected in the coming years. The UK is again maintaining its stand as a popular study abroad destination among Indian students.

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