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The Best Types of Vacations to Take If You Don’t Drink

Planning vacations can seem to be tricky when you are travelling sober. However, just because you are practicing sobriety doesn’t mean that you can’t have the trip of a lifetime. There are plenty of fun things to do and interesting places to visit that do not include alcohol or bar visits. In fact, you might even find your sober trip more enjoyable than your past vacations that included alcohol. Here are the best types of vacations to take if you don’t drink! 

Sightseeing Destinations

Is there a place that you have always wanted to visit? For some it may be the pyramids, and for others it’s visiting Paris. Whatever your dream destination may be, going somewhere you have always wanted to explore is a great way to travel without drinking. It is always easier to avoid alcohol and focus on sober living when there are so many other exciting things around to do and see. If you do not have a dream vacation in mind, then simply choosing a destination with many interesting landmarks and fun activities is also a great option.

Have an Adventure Filled Vacation

Another great vacation option for individuals who do not drink is to go on an adventure filled vacation. By adventure filled we mean getting out there and partaking in activities such as hiking, skiing and snowboarding, mountain climbing, or whatever else a destination has to offer. All of this exciting physical activity will get your blood pumping while also providing great views and experiences of a lifetime. Trying out some low risk adventurous activities such as hiking and skiing in locations that are safe for new and novice individuals are great for those undergoing an alcohol or a drug detox as well. The exercise releases endorphins naturally, and enjoying a new environment helps to take the mind off of things. Read more on drug detox here.

Go to Relaxing Destinations

Another excellent option for sober travellers is to visit relaxing destinations that emphasize self care and wellness. These relaxing destinations could be spa resorts, meditation retreats, and more. These are excellent for those just out of alcohol or drug rehab as well. This is because these types of locations often promote healthy self care, stress relief, and mindfulness. In addition to this, spas and other relaxing destinations are often alcohol and drug free.

Camping and Road Trips

Camping and road trips are great vacations for those who do not drink alcohol. This is due to several factors. The first is that camping trips and road trips are often what you make them. You choose all of your destinations and activities.This way you have the option to be far away from the things that you are trying to avoid such as bars and clubs. In addition to this, camping trips (and some road trips) often combine the excitement of exploration with the calm serenity of being out in nature, which both tend to reduce stress. 

Explore a City Like You Haven’t Before

Taking a sober vacation also presents an opportunity to explore a city and experience new experiences like you have never done before. Of course, visiting a city you have always dreamed of going to makes this much more exciting. Instead of spending your evening at a bar or club you could spend it doing something new. Examples of fun sober city activities that can be done in the evening can include things like seeing a show, going on a sober city night tour, and much more. In addition to this, you have the option to travel to a city that is an old favorite and have a completely different experience when visiting it sober. 

Try Sober Group Travel

Many people enjoy travel packages that are put together by travel companies or agencies. These travel packages often include planned activities and events, transportation, and even hotel bookings. However, sometimes these packages are not sober friendly. Luckily there are a few companies that are specifically designed to provide sober group travel. These sober group travel companies provide most of the same services that traditional ones offer, but they also take sobriety into account when planning their excursions. This way their clients do not need to worry about any unexpected run-ins with drugs or alcohol. 

Great Destinations for Sober Travel

In addition to planning sober friendly travel activities, there are some vacation destinations that are particularly friendly to sober travelers. These typically include countries in Asia and Africa because of their traditionally Muslim or Budhist roots. Due to these countries’ religious traditions many of their citizens practice sobriety themselves. As a result these destinations are typically very friendly to those who are trying to avoid drinking alcohol. In fact, many Middle Eastern countries socially drink tea and coffee. This can be particularly great for recovering alcoholics because it includes the social aspect that is often involved with drinking alcohol without the addictive substance involved. 

Some Additional Travel Tips

Going on one of the above vacation types is great, but there are some additional tips that can help to set you up for success when it comes to sober travelling. The first helpful travel tip is to travel with someone you trust. This way you have someone around to help you if you run into temptation. Travelling with someone you know can also make the trip more enjoyable. The next travel tip is to plan your vacation ahead of time. This reduces your chances of encountering addiction triggers unexpectedly. 


Planning a sober vacation can be a bit daunting. However, there are some types of trips that make the process easier. Planning a relaxing get away or a vacation involving lots of physical activity and adventure ensures that you will be busy and far away from temptation. Similarly, traveling to a destination with a lot of sightseeing spots, exploring one of your favorite cities, or going on a camping trip are other great ways to occupy your time without drinking alcohol. In addition to this traveling with someone that you trust and planning your vacation out ahead of time can help to set you up for success.