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How to Create a Timeless, Sustainable Summer Wardrobe

Choosing the right women’s beach cover-ups, summer dresses, and tunic tops can be a challenge if you don’t know what you are looking for. After all, you want items that are just as comfortable to wear in the heat as they are elegant, and you want to ensure that you have pieces that can be worn year after year while still being stylish.  

To help you find the right garments for you, read on to learn how you can create a timeless, sustainable summer wardrobe.

1. Rethink your approach to shopping. 

While the idea of creating a timeless, sustainable summer wardrobe may seem daunting at first, at its essence, it requires a shift in the way you approach shopping and dressing. Rather than viewing it as a limit on what you can and can’t wear, you should instead see it as a more thoughtful approach to purchasing. By understanding which philosophies guide your 

shopping habits and why you are committed to making more sustainable purchases, you will begin to find it easier to create a closet that not only looks great, but also has a positive impact.

Before purchasing something new, you want to make sure you ask yourself whether or not you are going to wear that item enough to warrant it being made. One of the best standards for this is the “30 Wears Test” which asks you to think whether or not you will wear an item a minimum of 30 times. If you answer yes, then that is a good indication that you should buy a piece; however, if you say no, there is a good chance that it is not something your closet needs. 

To pass the 30 Wears Test, you want to avoid buying trendy, statement pieces and instead look for items that have more longevity. These will be pieces that you can wear year after year, in many different ways. By choosing more versatile, timeless pieces, you can be assured that your purchases aren’t going to go out of style and that you are able to buy less.


2. Choose slow fashion brands. 

A core tenet of building a sustainable wardrobe is choosing high-quality pieces that are going to stand the test of time. After all, a garment that is cheaply made is not going to survive 30+ wears, no matter how much you look after it. Therefore, it is crucial that you opt to buy fewer high-quality pieces from slow fashion brands. 

These brands are far more environmentally friendly than fast fashion companies as they produce fewer items that are also made from fabrics that have few adverse effects on the environment. For this reason, when it comes to purchasing items for your summer wardrobe, you want to look for a beach clothing brand that produces beautiful garments in fabrics that derive from mainly natural materials and that are manufactured under fair working conditions.

By choosing to shop from brands that are making a conscious effort to reduce their footprints, you can be assured that you are picking well-made, long-lasting garments that take people and the planet into consideration. As slow fashion brands are generally smaller, independent labels, they have far more control over each step of their manufacturing process than mass-market retailers. This makes it easier for them to implement ethical and sustainable practices. Plus, it gives you another reason to shop small! 

3. Opt for timeless, beautiful pieces. 

Curating a “timeless” wardrobe can often feel just as elusive as creating a “sustainable” one; however, by pursuing both, you will quickly find that the two work well together. In many ways, creating an effortless and ageless wardrobe comes down to knowing what works for you and what styles you feel at your best when worn. Of course, this means avoiding trends and instead opting for summer pieces and outfit combinations that won’t go out of style next season.

It also means wearing pieces that flatter your body and that make you feel as confident as possible. It may be a certain silhouette that you always gravitate towards, a particular color palette, or specific details that feel like “you.” Whatever it is, recognizing these patterns and honing in on them will help you curate a closet that is solely filled with items you love, and that love you back

When it comes to summer wear, you want to look for pieces that are made from elegant, light fabrics and that have beautiful embroidery and detailing. Summer pieces such as kimonos, tunics, and summer dresses that have these details are guaranteed to have you feeling fabulous – no matter where you wear them. 

4. Look after your clothes. 

Once you have purchased your clothes, it is vital that you take the necessary steps to ensure that you are looking after them and that they will last. One of the main reasons to purchase higher-quality garments is that they tend to last longer. Plus, you are much more likely to look after a piece if you have spent more money on it and intend to wear it over and over again. 

By looking after all the pieces that are hanging in your wardrobe, you will find you need to replace items less frequently and that you can continue wearing them for years without them looking “worn.” This is another reason why it is highly recommended that you purchase garments that are made from durable, natural fabrics as these require little care, no matter how much you wear them. 

Additionally, washing your clothes less frequently helps to extend their longevity and maintain their quality. When you do wash your garments, make sure you are using natural soaps without harsh chemicals to prolong the life of the fibers, and give each piece a gentle stretch when they are washed to put them back into shape. Putting clothes in the dryer can quickly ruin them, so instead, opt to lay them flat and let them air-dry when possible.

Are you in the process of creating a timeless, sustainable summer wardrobe? If so, what tips and advice do you have for others who are beginning this journey? If not, what are the challenges that are holding you back? What is the next small step you can take? Let us know your thoughts and any additional questions in the comments below. 


Andrea Bertinetti is the Marketing Manager at Scarlett Poppies, a vivacious Dubai-based resort and beachwear brand that offers edgy, easy-breezy and effortlessly cool pieces designed by a cultural melting pot of designers. Influenced by tribal trends with a touch of Scandinavian flair, the brand’s beachwear styles are always ethereal and minimalistic. 

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