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Face Masks are the Hottest Accessories of the Moment – Here is How to Wear Them on Style

Masks are mandatory, but it doesn’t mean they make you look less fashionable. You can quickly transform them into a style statement. 

Even if some countries are making plans to step into a Phase two-state with fewer restrictions, the masks will remain an indispensable accessory from your outfit. 

Even if you can easily find disposable protective masks, it’s a waste to use them when you can wear reusable ones that are more economical and eco-friendlier. Reusable masks are made from fabrics that offer an aesthetic appeal to your outfit if you’re a fashion-conscious individual. Fabric face masks can be stylish accessories if you pick interesting designs that match your outfits. Many brands have included protection masks in their clothing collections since the battle with coronavirus started. But you don’t have to purchase an accessory at a jaw-dropping price to look fabulous, you can look exquisite even if you wear an affordable one made from high-quality fabric. 

Here is how to dress to impress while you stay safe. 

Balance is key

When you love patterned clothes, match a simple cotton face mask with string ties to the outfit to create a balance between the elements. To jazz up your looks, create your own collection of covers in different shades and models, so you can mix and match them according to the items you wear. When you wear basic clothes, a loud print on the mask draws attention towards you. 

If you are back at the office and you need to wear a mask during a corporate meeting, you may want to opt for a simple one that meets the workplace’s dress code.     

Try a bandana

To save money and stay eco-friendly, shop your own closet for face covers. For your face protection to keep viruses at bay, create masks with at least two layers of fabric, large enough to cover your mouth and nose. You can repurpose summer scarves and bandanas to create face covers you can wear when you go outside the house. 

Bandanas and scarves come in many patterns, and they already match most of your outfits, so instead of wearing them on your hair or hanging around the neck, use them to cover your face. 

Create areas of interest around the mask

Only because your makeup can no longer be your look’s bold statement, it doesn’t mean you cannot use small details to impress. Add colorful and playful earrings or necklaces to match your mask and create a cool-looking outfit. Or create a complimentary makeup that draws all attention to your eyes. Since the bottom part of your face is hidden behind a piece of fabric, you can use colored eyeliner to create wings. 

Browse fashion boutiques to find interesting face covers that match your personal style. And if you don’t like any of the models you can purchase online, create masks at home from a material you find appealing. The sky is the limit when it comes to transforming face masks into stylish accessories.