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Accurate Feet Alignment: Here are top 5 Benefits of Wearing a Shoe Insole

Want to ensure a better jogging routine with your normal shoes? Well, if you were to analyze this in a conventional fashion, you would probably go out of your way to shell out a good chunk of your credit card by investing it on another pair of jogging shoes. However, if you want to be really smart and efficient with your financial outflow, purchasing an insole is the best way to ensure that.

The best insoles in the market will help you obtain all the effective benefits of wearing a premium sports shoe, retaining the ideal comfort and optimum arch support mechanism. And, most importantly, they will probably cost you about 5 times lesser than what you would normally pay for a new pair of sneakers.

In addition to that, they also help you obtain a vast multitude of foot benefits you may be oblivious to.

1. Promotes a healthy and flexible upper body movement

Every minute aspect of your body is interconnected through some mechanism or the other. This couldn’t be more accurate for your feet’ anatomy, as it directly regulates the movement of your entire upper body. Your feet perform the function of taking up the weight of your entire body and ensuring an upright and accurate posture.

With a flat arch sole design, your feet are bound to roll inwards naturally, and this, in turn, causes irregular movement (inclining dominantly towards one side). This will ultimately compromise your body posture when you walk or run, as opposed to the standard and correct upright posture.

Insoles help you regain proper body posture by ensuring optimum foot arch support and also providing uniform weight distribution as well.

2. Ample foot arch support

With normal shoe soles, your arch does not get its fair share of support it ideally requires. This forces your arch to land hard whenever you walk or run, and that ultimately results in the development of foot pain and inflammation.

With an insole, your arch sits up quite elevated from the ground allowing it to prevent coming in direct contact with the ground, hence reducing its impact. This will discourage any type of sore foot or inflammation and allow you to run for a long duration with enhanced foot arch strength.

3. Reduces the risk of developing various foot pain conditions

A shoe sole with a flat arch design is related to the formation of various foot conditions such as Bunions and Plantar Fasciitis. These foot conditions can cause improper walking/ movement patterns and also promotes moderate-severe pain after walking for a prolonged duration.

You may not develop such foot conditions as soon as you start wearing flat arch soles, but the side effect will become apparent as you continue wearing them on a regular basis, and cause pain on your arch and heel areas in specific.

Insoles provide an ideal solution by preventing your heels and arch from taking up take up your body weight directly and prevent the development of any foot pain symptoms even if you perform an extensive running session on a daily basis.

4. Enhances your performance

The basic function of the insole is to provide optimum heel support and comfort to prevent any form of irregular body posture and also to ensure proper foot alignment. This ensures you to run with more efficiency without causing any significant risk to your ankles and heel’s injury due to the application of repetitive stress allowing you to run with almost constant efficiency even for a prolonged duration.

Insoles also play a crucial role in enhancing your foot’s mobility by preventing future injury development, and also by proving ideal elevated arch support. It allows you to run at a quicker pace as it diminishes the impact felt directly on your heels and arch.