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Accommodation Tips in Florence

Florence is a dream city for every traveler. It overflows with beautiful sights, great cuisines, and rich history. However, it can be overwhelming when you don’t plan your accommodations right to have the best experience the city has to offer.

Although Florence is a small city, it is an incredible tourist center. With its amazing Tuscan cuisine, top-notch architecture and art and the deep rich renaissance history found almost all around the city; there is no denying why it is one of the top tourist locations in Italy. Despite the size of this city, it has an individual neighborhood. As a tourist, it is essential to choose the right place to stay because your choice of accommodation will have a significant effect on your experience in Florence. Take the city center, for example, there are about seven neighborhoods, and each location has something magnificent to offer.

These are some tips that can influence your accommodation choice and enable you to have the best experience in Florence.

      • As the saying goes, ‘Cut your coat according to your cloth.’ If you are on a budget, it is necessary to know the hotels that will fit your costs like the Hotel Alessandra, Hotel City, Hotel Pendini and Hotel LoggiatodeiServiti. These are some of the cheapest hotels in Florence but be assured that you will be provided with the best quality service available.
      • As a tourist, you should choose accommodations that are closer to the attractions. The Brunelleschi 4-star hotel in Florence is an excellent choice because; it is located at the heart of the city; San Niccolo which has an intimate feel and easy access downtown; Santa Maria Novella for its close proximity to the train station and attractions; Santa Croce/Sant’Ambrogio for its local color and proximity to attractions; and Santissima Annunziata because it is the quickest part of historic center.
      • Because most hotels are in historic buildings, they are subjected to strict guidelines for renovations. This implies that some of them do not have elevators or ADA rooms. Ensure that you get a hotel that has an elevator or you can book a room on the ground floor.
      • If you are sensitive to smoke, it is important to find a non-smoking hotel or book a room away from the smoke because most hotels in Florence allow smoking although it might be restricted to a particular floor or space.
      • Hotels especially 4-star hotels are required to collect tax from tourist, and this is separate from the cost of the hotel. The tax is usually €1 per star of the hotel, plus 50 cents, per person per night for the first seven nights with the exemption of children under 12 years of age. The mode of payment may vary from hotel to hotel. Some require credit while others require cash and it is usually required at check-in.
      • Accessibility in Florence is easy since it is a small city. The Brunelleschi 4-star hotel is an excellent choice because it is located at the center of all the attractions. The distance between most hotels to popular attractions falls between five to twenty minutes.