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7 Cool Temporary Decor Ideas to Style up The Walls of Your Rental

When it comes to home decoration, nothing can be as restrictive as short-term stays and rental contracts. Students are often the most concerned; whether occupying a room on campus or renting one on an off-site location, students are often hindered from making any real design changes to their quarters.

Therefore, students, and a lot of other adults in similar living conditions, often have to find creative alternatives to dress up their space. If you’re tired of your bland, boring walls — but cannot consider paint or construction, there are still a few things that you could do to revamp the atmosphere of your entire space.

Here are 7 fantastic ideas that fit every decor style.

1. Functional Pieces (Mirrors and Clocks)

Most people are familiar with the interior design trick of using mirrors to make their space appear larger. However, only relatively large mirrors might do the job — and these can be costly.

A lesser investment (with less mounting/installation work) might be a selection of small mirrors and clocks. Mirrors serve to help you get a glimpse of yourself before you head out, and they also catch the light, which helps with the luminosity of your room.

2. Family Pictures And Portraits

If you’re in your campus dorm, sticking (temporarily) or pinning printed photographs directly against the wall might be a cool option. It’s eclectic, fun, and doesn’t cost much; plus, the pictures can quickly get taken down without any damage to the wall or tricky de-mounting process.

If you’re looking for something a little chicer though, invest in some quality frames and enlarged prints of your favorite photographs. Most landlords do not mind the installation of hanging screws, so long as the wall can easily be filled out to regain their initial state.

3. Certificates And Other Accolades

If we are to trust cognitive neuroscientist Colin Ellard, the atmosphere of the spaces we live in can heavily influence our moods. What better way than to stay positive, confident and focused than hanging your diplomas on the wall? Diplomas should ideally be framed, so make sure you choose creative, striking border framing to contrast with the simplicity of diploma papers.

4. Vintage Posters

The interesting thing about vintage is that it immediately screams “cultured taste.” Vintage posters are also relatively affordable because they most often are the reprints of popular old images that have already been licensed to printers around the globe. Posters are also usually quite large, so even a couple can dress up an entire bare wall.

5. Wallpaper Murals

Wallpaper is usually the ideal compromise between paint and posters. More enduring than pictures and posters but less than paint, your printed mural can be easily pulled off the wall — will probably provide the most dramatic change out of all the options on this list.

6. Textile Art (Tapestries)

Have you got any cool scarves you hardly ever get around wearing? Here’s the ideal time to put them to use! You can either get them framed or pin them directly on the wall. Tapestries add a touch of creative style and a ton of personality to a decor. The more unique the pattern of the scarf you choose, the more striking your final result is likely to be.

7. Paintings

Paintings, while the most standard wall decor option, had to come last on this list because they are trickier to incorporate than most think. While they can elevate your entire decor, giving it a luxurious and inspired aesthetic, they can also clash against the rest of the present elements.

Typically, paintings do not fare well on the same walls as photographs (unless they are artistic), so you may have to dedicate the whole wall to similar art. You will also have to make sure the color patterns and tones of the paintings you select are consistent with each other, for a fluid interior.

A Final Tip:

When it comes to wall decor, more is best. If the rest of your space is minimalist, loaded walls are likely to liven up the space without compromising the flow of each room. Don’t hesitate to fill up walls; the museum-style interior design is still very much in vogue.

Just remember that when it comes to the details such as framing, quality is crucial, and it may be worth investing in mid to top-tier materials (mahogany and oak wood, for instance). As long as you ensure your chosen decorations don’t have a permanent impact on your rented space, you should be good to go!